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Grantham and Boston Petrol Stations Issues £30 Limit

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  • £30 Limit on Petrol To Be Introduced To Grantham and Boston Petrol Stations


Some petrol stations in Grantham and Boston have put a £30 limit on petrol that can be purchased. This limit has been brought in to make sure there is another petrol to go round.

At the present moment only Morrisons, Tesco, Shell, and BP have announced they have introduced a £30 limit on petrol. It is thought that other suppliers in Grantham and Boston and around Lincolnshire could introduce their own limit.

There have been images from Grantham and Boston where drivers have been filling Jerry cans, with this new limit that will be stopped.

It was hoped that Boris Johnson would bring in the army to deliver petrol to petrol stations, but this afternoon he has decided against it.

Petrol suppliers have said there is no shortage of petrol just a shortage of drivers to deliver the petrol.

Morrisons, Tesco, Shell, and BP are asking motorists not to panic buy.

The shortage of petrol has led the business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng to suspend competition law, allowing oil companies to forego the normal rules surrounding communication and help each other resupply the areas that need it most.

The £30 limit does not apply to emergency services.

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