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Firefighter Jumps Out Of Plane For Charity

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  • Grantham born firefighter jumps out of a plane to help raise money for The Fire Fighters Charity.


Firefighters are known for their bravery, but one firefighter in particular has taken bravery to the next level.

Michael Foster, a firefighter born and raised in Grantham but now lives in Billingborough decided to jump out of a plane to raise money for The Fire Fighters Charity. He has raised more than £400 through his tandem skydive

He took on the skydive at Skydive Langar not only to raise funds for the firefighter charity but also as a tribute to his late stepfather, David Franklin.

Michael said: “David wasn’t a firefighter but loved the job he did and was one of the reasons I became a firefighter in the first place.

“He unfortunately passed away in March 2019 very suddenly, before Covid-19 hit so we were able to celebrate his life without restrictions.

Michael Foster

“David ‘loved’ heights so this is my tribute to him and his support for me.”

A total of £420 has been raised by Michael for The Fire Fighters Charity, which Michael says “helps and supports firefighters in the UK when they need it the most.”

He added: “The main reason for deciding to raise the money for the Firefighters Charity was that with Covid restricting the fundraising capacity of firefighters for the charity, I wanted to do something to raise some money.”

Michael has said, although this is his first skydive, he hopes it will not be his last. He plans to do something each year to raise money for the Firefighters charity.

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