If you are looking for things to do in Cleethorpes or want to know what’s the best attractions Cleethorpes has to offer for a day out or a holiday then please read on. We bring you all the information about Cleethorpes attractions and what to do in Cleethorpes so you and your children will never get bored.


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Cleethorpes Light Coast Railway


When looking for Cleethorpes attractions for kids the Cleethorpes Light Coast Railway is a great place to start. The Light Coast Railway is a great attraction for all the family which continues to receive positive reviews on Cleethorpes Trip Advisor. With all the positive reviews it has been rated as the number one Tourist Attraction in North East Lincolnshire on the Trip Advisor rating site.

Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway which has three stations, Kingsway, Lakeside, and Humberston Station is one of the oldest miniature railways in the country.  Its one of the best tourist attractions Cleethorpes has to offer for young and old. Just sit back and enjoy the four mile journey.

During the year there are lots of events held at the popular Cleethorpes tourist attraction, so keep checking the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway site for news.


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Cleethorpes Jungle Zoo


If you are looking for great days out in Cleethorpes for kids, then how about the Jungle Zoo. Cleethorpes Jungle Zoo, which is situated on Kings Road, near Mcdonalds, and KFC, has become popular with those visiting Cleethorpes.

Although Cleethorpes Jungle Zoo is only small, it’s still worth a visit with all the wonderful animals it has. There are indoor and outdoor enclosures where you can expect to see owls, goats, monkeys, lemurs, turtles, meerkats, parrots, lizards and lorikeets to name a few.

So, if you are looking for things to do for Children in Cleethorpes then The Jungle Zoo is a perfect choice for all weathers.

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Cleethorpes Lollipop Road Train


If you are looking for a Cleethorpes attraction that the kids will love, then you must take a journey on the Cleethorpes Lollipop train.

The Cleethorpes Lollipop Road Train looks and reminds me of the one in Benidorm. Just like the one in Benidorm, the Cleethorpes Lollipop Train is lots of fun. It allows you to have a ride along Cleethorpes Seafront.

It leaves the pier which is on Cleethorpes Seafront every half hour and on the hour. It will take you from the North Promenade all the way to Cleethorpes Leisure centre near the light railway.

In 2010, the Cleethorpes road train won a gold award for the best attraction experience in the North East Lincolnshire Tourism Awards.

For parties of 10 or more, there are reduced rates offered.


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Cleethorpes Boating Lake


The Boating Lake is a perfect place to visit in Cleethorpes on a warm and sunny day during the holidays. It is located at the south end of the popular Lincolnshire resort.

There are two lakes which are joined by a narrow channel, one of the lakes on the south side is used for people wishing to hire a pedal boat and rowboats, while the lake on the north side is used by model boat enthusiasts.

The Boating Lake is also home to the Cleethorpes Discovery Centre which comprises of a café and a gallery.


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Cleethorpes Discovery Centre


The Cleethorpes Discovery Centre which is located next to the boating lake comprises two floors with a community gallery, exhibition gallery, and a café. It is a lovely place to relax especially on a nice summers day.

When you have enjoyed the art on display at the Discovery Century, you can then take a nice walk around the boating lake and even hire one of the rowing boats.


4 Fishing Heritage Centre grimsby

Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre

Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre is the pride and joy of Grimsby. The museum is located at Alexandra Dock, Grimsby, Lincolnshire and first opened in 1991.

This is a great place to take the family to learn all about heyday of Grimsby as a fishing port. The kids will love the museum and those that love boats and fishing will also find it fascinating. During its time it has won awards including the Blue Peter Children’s Museum of the Year award.

Those visiting the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre will be able to understand what life was like as a fishman and those working on the trawlers. You can navigate your way around the exciting heritage centre and explore the smells and sounds.

There are lots of interactive displays and children can get the chance to dress up as a fisherman.


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Waltham Windmill

Waltham Windmill is only a few miles away from the popular Lincolnshire holiday resort. During the year they have lots of different events, but even without the events, it is worth a visit.

There have been several different windmills in Waltham since 1666. The current Waltham Windmill dates to 1878. The mill which was restored in 2013 was powered by wind until 1963. Amazingly, the mill continues to grind flour.

There are lots of things to do at Waltham Windmill including a miniature railway. There is also a café, sweet shop, and a museum.

A visit to Waltham windmill is a great way to spend half a day with the family.


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Cleethorpes Country Park


For those looking for things to do near Cleethorpes and want to explore a hidden country park which was once open farmland until 1988 with a seven-acre lake, then the country park which is located on North Sea Lane is just for you.

Cleethorpes Country Park which opens at 7am, 364-days a year is full of wildlife. The lake is suitable for fishing, boating, and there is a space for your dog to go swimming.

If you have brought your dog on holilday and you are looking for things to do in Cleethorpes with dogs, then the Country Park is the ideal place for you. It’s a great place for dog walks and dog owners to get some exercise while enjoying the views.


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Cleethorpes Pier


The Pier which is on Cleethorpes Seafront is one that locals are very proud of.

Sadly, the number of piers in the UK has declined, but Cleethorpes Pier which was built in 1872 is still standing. It is a great place to visit in Cleethorpes to look at the history of the pier and how it has transformed from when it was first built to today.

The Pier in Cleethorpes was built in 1872 by Head Wrightson, and it cost a staggering £8,000 which was a lot of money in those days. It was officially opened on August Bank Holiday 1873 and fifteen years later it was updated to include a concert hall. However, this was sadly destroyed in 1903 due to a fire. The pavilion was built in 1906 and still exists to this day.

When the pier was built it was 1200 feet, but today Cleethorpes Pier is only 355 feet long. The government decided during World War 2 to remove the middle section of Cleethorpes pier to combat enemy invasion, the pier was meant to be restored after the war but due to lack of government funds it was never restored and instead the end section of the pier was demolished.

The Pier is no longer an entertainment venue which many UK pier fans are saddened and angry about, instead it was turned into a fish restaurant. Cleethorpes Pier is still a great place to visit especially if you are looking at what is there to do on the Cleethorpes Sea Front and fancy looking at the views from the end of the pier.

If you would like to visit Skegness, it is around 35 miles from Cleethorpes and makes for a great day out or a holiday. There are lots of things to do in Skegness