Thursday, January 20, 2022

Bonfire Night In Cleethorpes and Grimsby Cancelled

Each Year thousands of people living and visiting Cleethorpes look forward to bonfire night, but this year is going to be a huge disappointment thanks to COVID19.

This week has seen the organisers of some of the best firework events announce the cancellation of Bonfire night.

The people of Cleethorpes and Grimsby were hoping that the government COVID19 restrictions would not restrict their fun, but now it seems it has.

Those who have been the first to announce the cancellation of Bon Fire night and their magical firework displays include Grimsby Rugby Club, and Cleethorpes Cricket Club.

Grimsby RUFC host their annual fireworks show at the Scartho Springfield Road venue, where they have food and drink stalls and a fun fair.

A spokesperson for Grimsby RUFC said: “Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic the rugby club have sadly decided to cancel this year’s event. We feel it would be impossible to control and keep people safe.”

More Firework displays are set to be cancelled, which means those looking for fun on Bonfire Night will have to have their own display in their garden.

If you have a fireworks display cancelled then please do contact our Cleethorpes News team


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