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Nashville Singer Mark Henes Interview I Live For My Music

Mark Henes Interview


If you get the chance to go to Nashville, TN then you have to see Mark Henes perform. He has become one of the big names in the music world in Nashville, so we decided to see what all the fuss was about and sit down with him.

Mark Henes, who was born and raised in Nashville, TN. His single Ghost Train caused huge excitement with his fans. Now, he is set to release another new single which is going to take the artist to the next level

The singer/songwriter who will be performing his newest release “Arm Full Of Roses” at Douglas Corner Café in Nashville on Saturday, Feb 1, 2020, has one of the most recognizable voices in the music world. Just like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Kenny Rodgers, as soon as he starts singing you know who it is.

Mark Henes who performs regularly in Nashville and the surrounding areas talked about his chosen path and the future. Read the Mark Henes Interview and see why he stands out.

When I asked what led him down the path of a music career, Mark explained that a guitar felt natural to his hands.

“I started there with music, and then went to vocals. Behind it all though was song-writing. Lyrics and poetry are a large part of my art.”

Mark Henes can’t wait to perform his newest releases “Arm Full Of Roses” at Douglas Corner Café in Nashville on Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020

I channel the spirit of old FM radio and showcase my gift for a tender ballad. The song is a stripped down romantic country ballad. Doo-wop harmonies and reverb heavy guitar.”

There are very few artists that really stand out in the music world. A lot of artists like to sing the same type of songs and the same style. Mark has a lot in common with Ed Sheeran. Both are singer songwriters, and both play instruments, but there is one important factor that makes them similar. And that is they both like to change their styles and create a new sound.

“While many musicians are content to be boxed into one genre, I’m the rare artist who can draw connections between seemingly disparate styles to create something one of a kind.”

When asking about his influences in the music world it was no surprise that the artists he looked up to all came from different backgrounds.

My influences truly vary wide and great from the 60s to now (2019), but if I have to name a few of my favorites it would be Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles to more modern guys now such as Sturgill Simpson and Tyler Childers.”

There have been many moments in Mark’s career that have stood out, so when I asked to name just one of those moments it was no surprise that he mentioned his current album.

I’d say my current album “Crystallized Reflections” that is releasing Oct. 30th, 2020. I’ve had the pleasure of working with several people on the project such as sound engineer Mark Lambert, producer kb brown, bassist Drew Lambert, drummer Cody Waggett, guitarist Stan Lassiter, fiddle player Glen Duncan and seeing thirteen total tracks come to life really fulfills my whole-being.”

Mark Henes who will be performing Douglas Corner Café, The Pond, and Twin Kegs II, this year to name a few, said his fans have changed his life. The hardworking musician who says his music is his passion said he cannot thank his fans enough for all their support.

To see the full details of where you can see Mark Henes perform, please visit his official website



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