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Grammy Nominated Singer Melissa B. George Floyd Death Made Me Cry

  • George Floyd who was calm during his encounter with Minneapolis police was brutally murdered


The billboard artist Melissa B. who is back with her new single “Back & Forth” has criticized the justice system for not arresting Derek Chauvin much sooner after he murdered George Floyd on 25th May 2020.

Grammy nominated Melissa B. said just like the rest of the world she was shocked when she watched the video of police officer Derek Chauvin placing his knee in the area of Mr Floyd’s head and neck and George Floyd constantly asking for help.

“I cried when I watched the video of the suffering that George Floyd went through. I like so many other people are angry with the racism in the police force, and I am so angry that those other officers did not come to George Floyd assistance when he continued to say he could not breath,” said Melissa B.

Melissa B. has said she would like to see a new department put together to root out all racism in the police forces in the USA. She said George Floyd death should not be allowed to be forgotten, and action needs to be taken so another person does not lose their life at the hand of racist officers like George Floyd did.

Melissa B. contacted In2town Lifestyle Magazine to talk about George Floyd death and what changes she would like to see made to stop this happening again. She also spoke about what the music world could do to help stamp out racism.

Melissa B. interviewAs an Afro-Rican woman, what is your take on what happened to George Floyd?

As a Latina black woman in America what happened to George Floyd was a travesty. I was truly hurt mixed in all the emotions of that a human could have after watching the video that was circulating on the internet about his death. It angered me to know that these types of tactics are still being used on our people especially African American men.


What was your first reaction when you heard the news or saw the video?

 my first reaction when I saw the video I just started crying and screaming. I wish I could have been able to have helped this man get that police officer off his neck. The amount of pressure this police officer was applying to this man’s neck was unbelievable. You could tell that this officer was actually trying to kill this man and he had no regard for his life.


A lot of people were very angry at how long it took for The former Minneapolis Police officer who pressed his knee into George Floyd’s neck to be arrested and charged, do you agree they should be angry at how long it took?

Absolutely people should be angry and upset that this cop was not taken into custody right after the issue happened. He should not have even been able to have gone home and he should have been arrested.

Melissa B. talks about George FloydWe have been here so many times before, do you believe these mass demonstrations will change anything?

I believe that something has truly changed because this is more than just a mass demonstration you have to realize people have lost their jobs, people have been stuck in their homes, people have been sick. And now they had some time to really think about something and nothing is deterring them away from what’s really there. this pandemic has awakened people and it is caused people to say no more


Over the years we have heard lots of false promises to rid the police force of racism, but it is still there and some officers don’t even hide it, is it about time a special national department should be put together to root out these racist officers?

Absolutely there’s no room for racism in this country any more people are tired of it. Especially police officers who are supposed to protect and serve their community. And I do believe that there should be a national Department that holds these racist officers accountable.


A lot of American people have said Barack Obama waisted his presidency as he did little to change the lives of Black women, men, and children, and did nothing to sort out the shocking racist behaviour in the American police force, what is your opinion on that?

I believe Barack Obama had the hardest presidency of any presidency in our lifetime. Barack Obama literally had to walk on water and be Jesus for him to be perfect. people are so quick to say that Barack Obama didn’t do anything for black people but if you really think about it you really did do something for the African American community. And I think people tend to forget that they had a lot more confidence and knowing that they had a black president in the Oval Office making decisions for the American people.


Music is known for helping to change things in this world, you only have to look at Bob Geldof, and Bono to see its success, do you believe that music and artist can make a stand against racism?

Of course, artists can make a stand towards racism look at Michael Jackson, look at Prince, look at Janet Jackson. They basically awakened us to realize that we must look within ourselves to make changes. Look at Marvin Gaye with his song “what’s going on” or Donny Hathaway with “someday we’ll be free” and there are a lot of other songs out there that have changed the world.


In 1991, Michael Jackson released a song about racial harmony called Black and White, which was a powerful message, would you like to see artists come together and form a super group like they did for 1985 for We Are The World and launch a song to fight racism?

I would love to see another song that would get the world together like “We are the World” that’s why I did a song with Dylan Dili call “Just Like You”. because the people need a song to help them meditate, March and Empower them.


Would you like to see celebrities come together and launch a movement to fight racism and injustice?

We’ve been down this road so many times. we just need to do something for the human race. we just need to get together and make it happen. Celebrities just must make sure that they try to do something positive within their Community to help everyone.


Do you believe people are born racist, or do you believe there are influenced by others?

 People are not born racist. You can watch children play and notice when their babies black, white, yellow, brown whatever the child’s colour. They don’t see colour. They see people either by making you happy or they make you sad and they want to play. People are influenced as young children and it’s up to them to be strong enough to know what’s right and wrong. But some get lost along the way and are not as strong willed and strong-minded as most.  Racism if any is taught at home and this has been proven time and time again throughout the years.


What is your opinion on how Donald Trump is dealing with the protestors?

 I find it very heart-breaking to know that we have a president who doesn’t even care about his American people. Because all they truly want it’s for their president to acknowledge that we as Americans have a racial problem in America. You can’t sweep it under the rug anymore and we need to deal with the issue head-on and work together.

Melissa B. talks to in2townIf you were President of the USA, what would you do to tackle racism in the police force, and how would you tackle Racism as a whole?

I don’t want to be president of the United States. but if I could do something to help my community tackle racism in the police force, I would want a department that would hold police officers accountable for their actions. And I would also want a way for us to weed out racist cops because there is no space for these type of people in our community. to handle racism as a whole I don’t think that that’s something that would ever be fixed in one day. Because that is years of Oppression and our ancestors have passed down a Feeling that is hard for us two shake off.


Could the answer be to do more in schools to fight racism?

It doesn’t start from school it starts from home.


Donald Trump needs to lose the election, simple as that, but is Joseph R. Biden Jr. the right man to tackle the troubles in America?

I’m a Democrat and I am voting for Joe Biden this year and the reason being is because he has a Clear Vision as to how he would like to tackle these issues you’ve been asking me. Joe Biden also is someone I would be willing to listen to because he was our vice president before with Barack Obama. I think Joe Biden stands for change and is open to helping the African American Community move forward and not be stagnant any longer.

To listen to the new track by Melissa B. please visit https://ffm.to/qmb2qeo.opr





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