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Vernon Kay Sexting Scandal With Rhian Sugden Ruined Her Career

Bury born glamour and lingerie model Rhian Sugden, 33, who said the Vernon Kay sexting scandal ruined her career, is set to talk about it again on a new Channel 4 documentary.

Although Vernon Kay and his wife Tess Daly want to forget about the sexting scandal that nearly destroyed their marriage, a decade later and its set to hit the headlines one more time.

The glamour model who married Oliver Mellor in 2018 and said she wished she had never met the celebrity Family Fortunes star, will speak about her shocking experience in the Channel 4 documentary Page Three: The Naked Truth.

Vernon Kay sex scandalVernon Kay sexting scandal in 2010 made him a ghost of TV. He was once the golden boy of ITV and when all hell broke out, he became the guy no one wanted to know. We are not sure if Vernon Kay will be watching the Channel 4 documentary, but millions will, hoping for more gossip.

So, when did Vernon Kay meet Rhian Sugden? According to Page 3 stunner, she met Vernon Kay in Manchester. It is claimed that Vernon Kay who was married to Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly at the time chased after the Page 3 stunner on Twitter. According to Rhian Sugden, Vernon sent Twitter, text, and email messages for four months in 2010.

Vernon Kay sexting scandalWhen the X-rated messages hit the papers, Rhian Sugden life was turned upside down. According to Rhian, it was one of the most harrowing times in her life. While she was the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons, Vernon Kay was struggling to save his marriage.

Vernon Kay Sexting Scandal Rocked The Celebrity World

Vernon Kay took the brave step in making a grovelling public apology to his wife Tess Daly and vowed that he would never contact Rhian again.

He said on his radio show: “I’ve disappointed and let down my family and for that I am very sorry.”

The radio presenter went on to explain who his sexting scandal had damaged his marriage to Tess but vowed he would do everything he could to repair it, explained how Tess was heartbroken over the sexting scandal.

Rhian Sugden sexting scandalIn the Interview he said: “Tess is extremely upset about this and we’re working through it…

“I’ve been stupid and daft but I’m not a sex pest. I’ve only done this with four or five girls, and I’ve known them all well – they’ve been friends or work colleagues.

“I know a single guy can get away with things like that, but I’m married, and I understand this is off limits.”

In 2015, five years after the scandal, and after he promised never to contact Rhian again, it was claimed the once high-profile TV presenter was back in touch with the glamour model asking to reconnect.

In 2018, Rhian Sugden decided to write an open letter where she apologized for her friendship with Vernon Kay. She said she was sorry and should never have got involved with a married man.

She wrote in The Sun: “I deeply regret creating a friendship with Vernon and allowing him to continue speaking to me the way he did.

“I should never have got involved with a married man. As time has passed, I regret not being wise enough or strong enough to deal with my own issues and insecurities myself.”

The Vernon Kay sexting scandal saw fans turn on the Family Fortunes presenter, and with how popular Tess Daly is, and with the past being brought back up, Vernon Kay is hoping history will not repeat itself.


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