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Singer B. HOWARD Talks About COVID-19 And His New Single We ARE Champions

B. HOWARD who has just released an uplifting new music video “WE ARE CHAMPIONS” with Van Ness Wu, celebrating COVID-19 frontliners needs no introduction.

The American recording artist, producer, songwriter, and a rising star in the global music scene reached #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts with his hit single “Don’t Say You Love Me”. In 2018, he won an Astana Dausy Award for Best New Artist 2018 and has been on a rollercoaster ride ever since.

The artist is not just known for his powerful voice, he is also known as an incredible songwriter and producer and has worked with the likes of Ne-Yo, Jason Derulo, Vanessa Hudgens, Ginuwine, and most recently The Bonfyre.

With B. Howard dropping his latest track “WE ARE CHAMPIONS”, we were excited to sit down with the cool artist and find out more about his latest track and how he was coping with the COVID-19 lockdown.

B. Howard, great to meet you, how are you dealing with the COVID-19 lockdown, and how are you keeping busy?

Fortunately, this lifestyle is that of an artist—we create, create, create and then we rest. But also, during this time I have been focusing on helping people in my sphere stay mentally fit.

B. Howard we are championsHave you found being in lockdown has given you a different outlook on life?

Yes. I feel like a lockdown has made it very clear how important my support system is. This whole thing tests the value of the relationships in your life.  Good ones get stronger and the ones that are not meant to be slip away. You never know how many people benefit from your light and your music

It is a very strange period we are going through with lockdown, how do you think the nation, and the world are coping?

I can see first-hand that everyone has their own way of coping. Some are doing better than others. Some people have circumstances with their physical and mental health, finances,  and stuff that make this a very hard time for them. My heart goes out to everyone struggling at this time.

B. Howard we are championsDuring lockdown, what is a typical day for you?

My days include talking to my team around the world about plans, getting more music to the fans and how we can do better for our fans despite the limitations in place due to the pandemic.

You have released a new song “We Are Champions”, with Van Ness Wu, how did the collaboration come about?

I started creating some music and something was in my heart. I put it down and decided to pull in my friend Kosine from Da Internz. From there my friend Van Ness and I were talking about doing something positive, helping people…we decided to work together on this.

Have you worked with Van Ness Wu before?

No, actually. We had been friends for a long time and finally decided to get together and have some fun, make a song and a cool video.

we are championsWho wrote We Are Champions?

I did. Then in the studio we adapted some of the lyrics to Mandarin.

How did you overcome social distancing and lockdown to record the new track and how hard was it?

Oddly enough, we had NO challenges. Van Ness and I previously recorded this song as a way to demonstrate our brotherhood, a unity between the US and China. Then with the pandemic, we knew we had to go back to this and lift it up to the occasion.

Why have you chosen now to release the new track?

The world needs it NOW.

You say the new track highlights the resilience of humanity and honors the personal sacrifices of those on the frontline, do you think we have a more appreciation for those working on the front line?

Yes, this song celebrates the frontline but it’s even bigger than that. This is our appreciation for everyone who has is fighting to be their best right now. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I want to show appreciation for every champion that is waking up in this and making it through the darkness every single day.

Has the COVID-19 situation given you inspiration and focus to write new material?

This has allowed me to go back to songs in my archive and appreciate them for my message. I’m thankful for the time to be able to receive these messages.

we are champions singleThe art world has been heavily affected, and some say theatres, concerts, and other art forms are going to be affected for many years to come, how do you think the art world will adapt?

I can speak to music and performances. I see our world adapting to use our existing and new resources to create and share our work.

Even when the COVID-19 crisis has become safe, do you believe that people will still be worried to go to concerts and can you see more concerts going online?

Sure, what we’re all discovering through this is experience that music can reach people everywhere. And everyone deserves art and music.

What is next for you?

Looking forward to creating with new artists, getting back on the road and give back to the fans, welcome new fans.

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