Thursday, May 19, 2022

Charlie Sheen Has Had Enough of Twitter

Is Charlie Sheen having another breakdown? It seems former Two and a Half Men actor is going off on one again. When we thought the actor had got his act together it seems Charlie Sheen is now at it again and this time he is attacking Twitter

The Navy Seals actor who has around 8 million people following him on Twitter is giving his fans on the social network the brush off by closing his account down and the reason for this madness, well according to a source close to the crazy actor, it is all because he feels he is getting nothing out of Twitter.

Charlie Sheen could be closing his @charliesheen twitter page within days or even within hours which is a bit sad when his fans have spent time following the actor.

Maybe his fans should send him a message and tell him not to close his twitter page down or maybe the actor just needs a little love or to get out of bed on the right side instead of throwing his dummy out of the pram


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