Thursday, May 19, 2022

Burlesque Performer Performs From Home To Beat The Coronavirus Crisis


Quaran-Tease: The Stay Home, Strip Down


Theatres, cinemas and entertainment venues are closing to contain the coronavirus crisis but what happens to those entertainers who rely on the entertainment venues for income?

With the outbreak of coronavirus tens of millions of people are going without an income. That includes entertainers who perform at live venues. So how are those live performers going to earn a living when all the live venues are closed? One performer has the answer.

Mercury Stardust a Trans-woman with over 12 years of burlesque experience is determined not to let coronavirus take away her fun and income. The burlesque performer who has won international titles is determined to take a stand and perform in her own home. But what started out as one performance has turned into something much bigger.

Quaran-Tease“What started as a simple request for performers online turned into an over 150 performers from over 20 countries reaching out to start an online burlesque show like no other,” explained Mercury Stardust

The burlesque performer who runs Wisconsin’s only weekly burlesque show has now launched Quaran-Tease: The Stay Home, Strip Down. For those people missing out on visiting live venues and missing out on burlesque performers, they can now enjoy it in the comfort of their own home, coronavirus free. (

The Quaran-Tease is a thrilling 90-minute ride through the privacy of performer’s real homes. You will see these talented performers perform just for you in their bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even their workshops. They will perform in any space that allows them to strip down. The question is, can you handle the rising temperature as you watch them perform, and will you mistake the increase in temperature through delight and excitement as the symptoms of the coronavirus.

“Prepare for the sudden appearance of pets, dirty laundry, spouses, and maybe even a ghost!!! Who knows, anything goes with this unique experience.” 

These performances celebrate every body size, color, and gender identity.  So, sit down, get that popcorn and get ready for an amazing experience.

Pre-Orders are now available at


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