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Tywysog Llywelyn Jones Cymru Sues Bell Textron Inc.

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Bell Helicopter allegedly subjected former Field Service Representative Cymru to sexual harassment, unlawful discrimination, and constructive termination.


Llywelyn, de jure King of the Britons, has taken legal action against Bell Textron Inc., an American aerospace manufacturer. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was subjected to unlawful discrimination based on race/national origin; harassment based on race/national origin; retaliation in violation of California Government Code Section 12940, et seq; hostile work environment; failure to prevent discrimination and harrassment; constructive termination; and violation of California Labor Code Sections 1101 and 1102.

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In Spring of 2016, Tywysog Llywelyn Jones Cymru was recognized by an international tribunal sitting in Tokyo, Japan as “His Royal Highness Prince Llywelyn, the lawful King of Britons.” In holding this title, Plaintiff administers the affairs of the exiled Welsh (British) government. His objective is to harness the international legal powers for Cymru (Wales) available to a government-in-exile, and take back the Britons’ rightful place as a free, sovereign, and independent nation. According to DNA studies, the Welsh are the true Celtic Britons, the original inhabitants of the island of Britannia. Llywelyn is standing up to fight for reparations for the land, artifacts, relics, regalia, and resources taken from his people, and has established an independent government.

As a result of his new recognition and political action on behalf of Wales, and retaliation from formerly filing a sexual harassment report with the company, Bell Textron Inc. constructively terminated Tywysog Llywelyn. Prior to the recognition of his inheritance of incorporeal hereditaments, Llywelyn experienced a series of incidences of sexual harassment from a supervisor. He began experiencing reprisal within the work environment thereafter. Subsequently, while fighting on behalf of his people, Prince Llywelyn encountered false information being spread about him through the workplace, and a subsequent instruction to either terminate his own employment with the company or cease his political activism for Wales. One month prior to this ultimatum he was allegedly offered a position with the company in England; which he refused because he would not have felt safe. His work for the Britons thereafter became a problem for Bell Textron Inc.

There remains a lack of awareness in mainstream media about the factual allegations of the case, and the conflict and malpractice that Plaintiff Cymru experienced. To read the full case, you can access the legal document here. For more information about Unbenniaeth Prydain, The Sovereign and Royal House of Cymru, you can visit the website here. Finally, you can access background information about Tywysog Llywelyn Jones Cymru, the lawful King of Britons, here.

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