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Pros And Cons Of Reroofing Versus Roof Tear Off Explained By San Diego Remodeling Company – GBC Remodeling

GBC Remodeling looks at the Pros and Cons of Reroofing compared to Roof Tear Off.


A roof is one of the most important parts of the property. By replacing an old roof, it not only adds value to the property, but it also provides it with better protection from the weather. It can also help to reduce fuel bills, but when it comes to dealing with an old roof, should homeowners choose reroofing or roof tear? GBC Remodeling, a leading San Diego Remodeling Company explains the Pros And Cons Of Reroofing Versus Roof Tear Off.

To understand the pros and cons of reroofing versus roof tear off, it is first important to understand what they both mean. GBC Remodeling said Tear-Offs is when the roofing experts remove the old roof and get rid of the existing problems and reduce future issues. A roofer can then inspect the shingles and the area underneath and replace any damaged parts of the structure which could include the decking and the underlayment.

“Re-Roofing means adding another roof on top of the existing roof. This method is like putting a new bandage on an old bandage,” explained a spokesman from GBC Remodeling.

So, what are the pros and cons of reroofing versus roof tear off?


The Pros of re-roofing are as follows:

It is cheaper

Re-roofing is faster

You don’t need to remove any shingles

It provides stronger support

It adds extra protection to the property

Cosmetic Facelift.


The cons include:

It can sometimes do more damage than good if there are underlying problems with the structure.

Re-roofing can sometimes make the roof look uneven

There is no inspection to see if there are any underlying problems

There is no opportunity to replace water and ice shields, skylight flashings, or roof to wall flashings.




The pros of a Tear-Off include:

The roof will last longer

Removes old material and replaces them with new material


The cons

It is more expensive than re-roofing

It takes longer to complete


One thing to consider when looking at reroofing and a tear-off is the budget the homeowner has available. It is also important to look at the future. Overtime will a tear-off be more inexpensive than a reroofing.

Reroofing should not and will not be an option if the roof is in bad condition and if the homeowner has had damage from leaks. If the roof does not have a supportive structure to handle the additional weight, then a tear-off should be the option to take.

“If the property has already had reroofing previously or if the roof has curling shingles then a tear-off is the only option,” explained a spokesman from GBC Remodeling.

When looking at options available, it is important to contact a professional remodeling company to gain professional advice.

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