Sunday, May 22, 2022
Advertisement Announces the Launch of Its Excel Merger Tool that Combines Excel Files and Workbooks in Bulk

Running out of ideas about merging your Excel files, Workbooks and Spreadsheets to one single workbook file! Well worry no more as there’s now a tool that fosters awesome saving ideas for that.

Excel files, Workbooks and Spreadsheets

Earlier today a devoted team of programmers is thrilled to announce to the general public about the release of their new freeware tool Excel Merger, which is a handy Excel software utility that enables users to merge Excel XLS/XLSX and ODS/CSV/XML Files, Workbooks and Spreadsheets to one single workbook file without MS Office or MS Excel. Having the new freeware tool Excel Merger is like having your personal concierge to help you organize your life.

In a digital age where most things are made convenient and formidably on point, a blistering new tool from comes to clarify the needs of global users who find it difficult to merge Excel files, Workbooks and even Spreadsheets to one single workbook file thereby enabling people to organize their workbooks or tables easily and also save their time. All the features of the tool are developed toward one goal which is to merge Excel files, Workbooks and Spreadsheets to one single workbook file.

Speaking about the development of the new tool James Brian, the development leader of commented “We are delighted to introduce a simpler, more intelligent, and more reliable way for merging Excel files, Workbooks and Spreadsheets to one single workbook file. Excel Merger is the new brilliant tool that enables people to work with tables and data much easier. One interesting thing about the new Excel Merger tool is the ability to save users time when they need to organize their worksheets in a fast way.”

Here are some interesting features of Excel Merger tool:

Merge Several Excel Files into One Single Excel File

Combine Wordbooks & Spreadsheets into One Worksheet in bulk

Merge Multiple Excel Files and Spreadsheets to One Spreadsheet in One Excel File

Merge Parts of all Worksheets by setting a Range

Combine Table Rows and Columns in Bulk Files

Support Mixed Merging XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV and XML Formats

Export to XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV and XML Formats

Merge Files & Workbooks in Ultra-fast Mode

Office or MS Excel is not required

Tiny file size, only 3 MB        

Multi-language supported

Unlike other Excel merging applications, only merging Excel files into one single file, this genuine tool could also combine all workbooks in a file to one worksheet, or merge all workbooks in multiple files into one workbook in one single file. This is useful when users need to merge all documents, files, worksheets, tables and forms together. Also Excel Merger allows users to join sheets in a file only, the sheets range option enables them to join only selected workbooks instead of the whole workbook document.

At the dedicated team of programmers works day and night to provide the world with awesome saving ideas on how to do things in a more simpler and convenient way.

Excel Merger tool can be downloaded here



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