Friday, January 21, 2022

Landlords Need To Do A Deep Clean Of Properties During The Coronavirus

A leading cleaning company in London is warning landlords all over the UK that they need to do a deep clean of properties they plan to rent to new tenants to stop the spread of COVID-19

Citi Clean, an all-in-one cleaning company in London which also offers an end of tenancy cleaning has said it is the responsibility of landlords to help keep their new tenants safe. As such, the company is calling on landlords to hire a professional cleaning company to do a deep clean and make sure the property is germ and coronavirus free.

A property may look clean to the naked eye, but scientists have warned that coronavirus could contaminate surfaces around the property, carpets, and electrical equipment. With news that a single cough can release up to 3,000 droplets, which can survive for some time outside of the body, it is important that a property receives a deep clean to make it safe for new tenants.

end of tenancy cleaning londonThe battle against the coronavirus in the UK is just beginning. Health experts have said the coronavirus is the most dangerous battle that the UK has faced since World War Two. Some experts have predicted we could be fighting this battle for more than 12 months while health experts have predicted by the end of March more than one million people could have coronavirus without knowing they are contaminated.

As of today 24th March 2020, more than 5,683 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the UK, and sadly 335 people have died. It is estimated that more than 10,000 people could contract the virus with many more deaths to follow. To help contain and combat the coronavirus, landlords now need to do their bit, which includes hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning company before renting out to new tenants.

Some landlords like to save money and clean their own properties. However, the London end of tenancy cleaning company has said this is not a time to think about profits.

“It is so important that landlords put their tenants first. A property that is being prepared to be let out to a new tenant needs to receive a professional deep clean to make sure it is germ-free. By not using the right chemicals, and not cleaning the property properly could result in germs being spread by previous tenants,” explained a spokesman from Citi Clean.

Citi Clean has become a leader in their field and one of the most recommended end of tenancy London services. They hope that landlords all over the UK take notice of their advice to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

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