Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Building an innovative antibody drug research and development service platform, “WELLBTC” won tens of millions of yuan in round A financing

WELLBTC‘s current round of financing will be used to upgrade large-capacity phage display full-body and bispecific antibody libraries, improve the in vivo and in vitro drug efficacy screening service platform, improve drug quality research, process development and production cell line construction and other service platforms to cooperate with customers Incubate nursery projects and promote pre-clinical research on multiple anti-tumor antibody drugs.

Established in 2015, WELLBTC is a bio-high-tech enterprise focused on innovative antibody drug development and services, mainly providing corresponding drug development solutions for biopharmaceutical R & D companies.

Specifically, WELLBTC will cooperate with customers to obtain innovative antibody drug molecules in two modes: first, use leading antibody libraries and integrated R & D capabilities to provide customers with R & D outsourcing services; second, after independent incubation or cooperative development of antibody molecules , The authorization is transferred to the customer.

From the perspective of industry demand, antibody drugs are the fastest growing category of all drug categories. In 2019, global sales reached 150 billion, and the annual sales of more than 30 varieties exceeded 1 billion US dollars. With the great success of the clinical application of antibody drugs, new targets, new mechanisms, and new molecular forms continue to emerge, and the development of innovative antibody drugs is also favored. Among them, obtaining candidate drug molecules is the first step in innovation and efficient integrated discovery And R & D platforms have therefore become scarce resources in the industry.

At present, the company has established a thousands of square meters of innovative antibody and drug integrated R & D laboratories with advanced facilities and equipment in the “Singapore High-tech Park”; it already has a complete innovative antibody drug discovery, antibody engineering transformation, in vivo and external drug efficacy screening, antibodies Core technology platforms such as drug drugability analysis, production cell line construction, and production process development.

The team pointed out that these platforms are capabilities that must exist along the antibody drug development process. With the increasing complexity of R & D and the increasing risks of R & D, pharmaceutical companies or biotechnology companies are gradually outsourcing more R & D work, and each link needs to be supported by a corresponding technology platform.

“We take innovative antibody drug molecules as the center and build a complete platform to advance the project to the clinical trial stage. The integrated platform brings a comprehensive improvement of ‘quality, speed and cost-effectiveness’, and can cooperate with partners to promote heavy antibody drugs as soon as possible Listing. “

It is worth mentioning that WELLBTC released a number of “super-100 billion antibody libraries” in December 2017, which can provide comprehensive solutions for human, mouse, and alpaca antibodies. These three types of antibodies cover almost all varieties of current antibody drug development.

It is reported that traditional hybridoma mouse or transgenic mouse platforms are screened based on antibodies produced by mouse immunization. The number of specific antibodies produced by a single mouse ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions, and the operation cycle is long. The company’s antibody library based on phage display technology can screen the best prepared molecules among 100 billion candidate molecules, which greatly improves the probability of success, and at the same time greatly shortens the screening cycle. It can reduce the research and development risks without a significant increase in customer budget. , Improve the speed of listing

Up to now, the WELLBTC platform has provided hundreds of innovative antibody drug overall projects or core technical services for more than 100 domestic and foreign innovative drug companies, transformed traditional drug giants, emerging biotechnology companies, and well-known research institutions; cumulatively completed Hundreds of antibody screening projects and dozens of innovative antibody drug discovery overall projects.

It is understood that representative overall projects include fully human monoclonal antibodies, humanized antibodies, single-domain antibodies, bispecific antibodies and antibodies against CLDN18.2, PD-L1, CD47, CD40, BCMA, IL17 and other categories of targets For drug conjugates (ADC), etc., 2 of these projects have completed PCC confirmation and have been successfully transferred, and several projects are undergoing animal model validation. WELLBTCVIP is a new VIP service launched by WELLBTC, dedicated to creating a better user experience

For more information, visit www.wellbtc.net

  •  WELLBTC is a multinational group company, including diversified businesses such as skin care products, leasing, biomedicine, and male health care. The company is headquartered in Singapore and was selected for 500 emerging companies in 2019. WELLBTCVIP is a new VIP service launched by WELLBTC, dedicated to creating a better user experience




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