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Better World Resources brings in sub-distributor Medx

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Medical PPE company carries up to size XXL niterex medical examination gloves


June 22, 2021 – Medx, a sub-distributor for global medical PPE company Better World Resources, is an official supplier of their exam gloves. The company sells high-quality of many brands including the popular Dre Health exam gloves to offer better protection to medical workers. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the need for medical PPE equipment grow around the world. As a sub-distributor for Better World Resources, Medx is able to get in-demand medically PPE to the frontlines and people that need it the most.

Dre Health gloves are manufactured using stringent professional standards. Gloves are FDA certified and can be used in the medial, janitorial, and food preparation sectors. Medx officially carries up to size XXL in niterex medical gloves. This makes it possible for individuals to get the exam glove sizes needed to complete their work. This also includes vinyl exam gloves.

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Exam gloves come in different materials to meet the needs of wearers. Nitrile exam gloves offer the best protection for medical professionals against infections from diseases such as COVID-19. Nitrile exam gloves are also ideal for individuals with latex allergies. Vinyl medical gloves are effective, affordable and non-biodegradable. These factors make them excellent for a variety of tasks. Finally, latex gloves are made to be flexible and provide a comfortable fit. A variety of industries use latex gloves including the medical and food service sectors.

Medx carries a number of products from Better World Resources and focuses on the company’s market leading exam gloves. The durable gloves enable professionals from a variety of industries to complete their jobs everyday around the globe. Medx has distributed and sold products to hospitals, healthcare clinics, and other organizations for years. The company continues to grow and expand its operations as a sub-distributor of Better World Resources.

For more information on Better Health Resources and Medx, please visit the company’s official website

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