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Tesco scores lowest supermarket rating for food safety

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  • Tesco Revealed As Worst Supermarket For UK Food Safety

Tesco, which has 4,008 stores in the UK, with Skegness, Cleethorpes, and Boston, Lincolnshire having one each, and Grimsby having three, has been revealed as the worst supermarket for UK food safety.

The report by Essential Living looked at all the main supermarkets food safety records including M & S, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrison’s.

They found that Tesco had the worst record for food safety and M & S have the best.

According to Essential Living, Tesco which has become the biggest supermarket in the UK was the subject of 148 reports of food poisoning.

The research ranked six UK supermarket brands on the freshness of their products, using data from the FSA and iwaspoisoned.com

Waitrose according to the report had the least number of food poisoning reports but came in at number one for the most food items they recalled over the past 12-months.

Marks and Spencer had the least recalls of food products, and the least number of food poisoning reports. With the least number of reports, Marks and Spencer’s has been named as the safest supermarket.

Although Tesco are the biggest supermarket in the UK, they were rated the worst for food recalls. They also had the highest number of food poisoning cases according to the report.

Food experts are warning people when they go shopping to check the dates on the food, to make sure the food is in date.


The supermarkets for food safety

    Tesco – 33 product recalls between 2018-2021, 115 food poisoning reports

    Sainsbury’s – 25 product recalls between 2018-2021, 87 food poisoning reports

    Asda – 24 product recalls between 2018-2021, 48 food poisoning reports

    Waitrose – 36 product recalls between 2018-2021, 17 food poisoning reports

    Morrisons – 16 product recalls between 2018-2021, 30 food poisoning reports

    Marks & Spencer – 4 product recalls between 2018-2021, 26 food poisoning reports

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