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Reaction As Skegness and Boston MP Sacked In Prime Minister’s Reshuffle

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  • Boston MP dumped in Prime Minister’s reshuffle


Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman was sacked yesterday in Boris Johnson’s reshuffle. After the news was announced, the Lincolnshire MP said it was an honour to serve the Government.

Matt Warman has been the member of parliament for Boston and Skegness since May 2015. He has served as Parliamentary under-secretary of state for digital infrastructure for just over two years. However, this week saw the man who many believe betrayed them over the increase in National Insurance return to the back benches.

The Boston and Skegness MP took to Twitter to confirm the news, saying it was an “honour” to hold the position.

He said: “Ministers have a huge opportunity to change our great country for the better. It’s been an honour to serve the government as a whip and to improve our broadband, address cyber threats and grow the digital economy.

“I look forward to doing all I can on that, and more, from the backbenches.”

When Lincolnshire News & Lifestyle went on the streets of Boston to see the reaction of Matt Warman sacking, many believed it was what he deserved.

Many of those living in Skegness and Boston are still unhappy after Matt Warman voted to increase National Insurance.

We spoke to 100 people living in Boston to see what they thought about Matt Warman losing his job. 85 of the people we spoke to said they were happy he was sacked. 72 said they would not be voting for him at the next General Election as they felt he had betrayed them.

One business owner in Boston who did not wish to be named said the sacking of Matt Warman was the based news they had heard all year.

“What has Matt Waman done for our community. He has promised so much and delivered so little. Maybe his sacking will mean he can spend more time working for the people and delivering some of his promises he made at the last General Election.”

Mrs Jones, a single mother from Boston said she was glad he was sacked.

“When he voted to increase National Insurance, he betrayed all the working class in Boston. He does not know what it is like to live on a real wage. With Universal credit being cut, National Insurance increasing, and with stories that Council Tax could rise next year, how are we supposed to survive.”

Most of the people we spoke to said they felt betrayed. They also said agreed that with Matt Waman no longer being part of the cabinet that he may concentrate in making Boston and Skegness a better place.

Some political experts believe the reshuffle that some are calling the Yes Man shuffle, was designed to make Boris Johnson stronger, and allow the Prime Minister to get more of his own way. Whatever the reason, many are questioning if Boris Johnson will be Prime Minister after the next General Election. While many Lincolnshire people are asking, how many Lincolnshire MPs will still be in office after all of them voted to increase National Insurance contributions.

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