Investigation Launched Into Boston Commercial Building Fire

An investigation has been launched to find out why a fire started at a Boston Commercial Building that happened on 27th November

  • Fire crews investigating the cause of large “commercial building” fire in Boston


Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue have launched an investigation to determine the cause of a commercial building fire I Boston.

Fire crews from six Lincolnshire fire stations including Boston, Grantham, Sleaford, Spalding, Donnington and Kirton fire station attended the blaze on Punchbowl Lane in the village of Brothertoft, near Boston, on November 27 at 6.50pm.

On Sunday Morning, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue released a statement to say severe damage had been caused to a “large domestic garage and contents”.

A spokesman for the fire service said it used four pieces of breathing apparatus equipment, three main jets and two hose reels to tackle the flames.

The investigation will continue until the cause of the fire is revealed.