Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Lincoln To Be Hotter Than Athens Today

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  • Parts of Lincolnshire are going to see some great weather


It looks like summer has come back. According to the Met office Lincoln will be hotter than Athens today, and the rest of Lincolnshire are also going to see some nice weather.

If you are lucky enough to have today off work, then get out in your garden and enjoy the sun. For a change the sun is out in October, and according to the Met office we are getting more sun than Athens.

Skegness is also getting some nice weather, but not as hot as in Lincoln. This afternoon it will hit 20C while in Greece it will be 19C, and temperatures in Skegness will be 19C.

So, if you have a day off, get in the garden or head down to Skegness for a sunny day out

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