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Boston Pub Goers Told To Ignore Fake Weatherspoon Free Meal Vouchers

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  • Warning over fake Wetherspoon free meal vouchers online scam

Pub Goers and fans of Wetherspoon in Boston in Lincolnshire are being advised to ignore the fake free meal vouchers being offered on Facebook.

Weatherspoon who closed down all their social media activity back in 2018 have warned their customers that any vouchers being offered on Facebook, or any other social media platform is a scam.

A spokesman for Weatherspoon said: “Scam artists are using our reputation. They are pretending to be Weatherspoon and offering fake free meal vouchers. Please do not fall for the scam.”

Consumer group Which? Have also warned people not to fall the Weatherspoon scam. They have explained that people are commenting on posts and pages that proclaim to be made by Weatherspoon. They are being told they will win free meal vouchers, but the pages and posts are a scam.

The fake Weatherspoon posts read: “Congratulations for those of you who have received comments from us, you have the opportunity to win them.”

Unfortunately, people are falling for the scam and are liking, commenting, and even sharing the posts and pages.

Which? Who have investigated the scam have found two pages that claim to be Weatherspoon.

Facebook users are being asked to click a button and enter personal details to claim the free meal vouchers. At the present moment Which? Are unsure what happens to those details.

Users are asked to click a button to enter their details and claim their prize.

A Which? spokesman said: “Signing up to fake competitions and giveaways can lead to tracking cookies being added to your web browser. This can prime Facebook users to be targeted by more spam ads from the people running the pages.


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