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Booster Jabs To Start Next Week In Lincolnshire For Over 50s

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  • Booster jabs for over 50s and first vaccines for 12-15-year-olds to start in Lincolnshire from next week


The Booster Vaccinations against COVID-19 are being rolled out from next week in Boston and Lincolnshire, Monday September 20th, 2021.

People over 50 are being warned not to ring up their GP about their booster jabs. Those that are eligible for the COVID booster will be contacted when it is their turn to receive it.

The COVID-19 booster jab is being offered to those people over 50 who have already had the first two vaccines. The Government guidelines are, that people should not have the Booster vaccine until at least ix months after they have had the second COVID vaccine.

Boris Johnson is hoping that the booster vaccine will reduce the number of COVID cases and will stop any potential action of a third lockdown.

Rebecca Neno, director of Covid and influenza vaccination programmes for NHS Lincolnshire CCG, said: “We don’t expect to see any difference in side effects between having Pfizer then Pfizer and AZ then Pfizer.

“I would have no particular concern. There are some mild reactions that are resolved within 48 hours.”

With the rising cases in Greater Lincolnshire, it is hoped the booster vaccine will help to reduce the number of cases and win the COVID battle.

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