New Fiction Book Blade Has Become The Talking Point Of 2020

Fiction Book Blade

If there is one book to buy this year then it has to be Blade, MMA Alphas’ Love And Romance. Since being launched, the book which was written by Emily Smith and is the first in the series, has become one of the most talked about books of 2020.

Blade, has everything a reader could want from a book including drama, danger, and excitement. The book which is about a local fitness gym club called Blade Fitness is one of those books that once the reader starts reading, they can’t put it down.

The book which is currently available on Amazon as a Kindle download, follows the main characters who are all ex-cons. Even though they are ex-cons, they have all good hearts. The Blade Fitness becomes famous, not for having one of the best gyms around, it has become for the ex-cons who are now instructors. With their good lucks, fitness, and charm. Oh, and it also helps that they have MMA skills, the gym has become a hot spot with the ladies.

When asked to explain more about the book, the author commented: “Although the background of the book cover is the MMA fighting cage, there is no MMA competition in the book, the male characters are only showing their MMA skills when the female character facing some dangers.”

The Instalove Story has cleverly been written to make the reader feel they are there beside the muscly men in the story. One of the most commented reviews about the book is how the reader felt they were part of the story, a technique not many authors manage to grasp.

It is out now