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Which Celebrity Would You Go To Benidorm With?

Which celebrity would you want to go on holiday with?


Alison Hammond was named the celebrity that Brits would most like to take on holiday to Benidorm, in a poll with 2,000 of our readers.

With the news that lockdown is coming to an end, and we can all jump on a plane for fun in the sun, we decided to find out which celebrity you would take on holiday to Benidorm.

We asked our holiday magazine readers to choose to which celebrity they would like to go on holiday with, and to also give the reason why they have chosen that person. I must admit, I was surprised with some of the names on our list, and even more surprised at some of the reasons.

Here are the top ten celebrities people would like to go on holiday with?


1. Alison Hammond

Benidorm celebrities

Alison Hammond was the top choice. When we asked what celebrity, you would like to go on holiday with, Alison Hammond came out on top for all the right reasons, including her sense of fun, her ability to light up a room, and her caring nature.

Our readers said Alison Hammond would make their holiday in Benidorm the best they have ever had. According to our readers, their holiday would start from the minute they arrived at the airport.

Many of our readers said they believed Alison Hammond is the same on-screen as she is off-screen. Some of our readers did warn that they may need medical treatment after a week with Alison Hammond in Benidorm due to all the laughter.

One reader from Manchester did ask one question, they wanted to know if they could survive a night drinking with Alison Hammond as they believed she would drink them under the table.

Our readers agreed with one thing, Alison Hammond in Benidorm would be a dream come true.


2. Johnny Vegas

johnny vegas on holiday

Johnny Vegas is no stranger to Benidorm. After appearing in the hit ITV comedy drama Benidorm, Johnny Vegas knows Benidorm inside and out. I saw Johnny in Albir once and had to do a double-take. To be honest, Johnny also took a double-take at me as he walked past, but not sure how to take that lol.

Our readers felt that going on holiday to Benidorm with Johnny Vegas would be an experience they would never forget. They all agreed that going out for a night out with Johnny would be filled with laughter, but also a huge hangover would be waiting for them in the morning.

Johnny Vegas was only pipped to the post by Alison Hammond by just 3 per cent.


3. Susanna Reid

what celebrity would you like to go on holiday with

The amazing Susanna Reid made it to number three of celebrities our readers would love to go on holiday with. I have to say, this is a great choice. 80% of men voted for Susanna Reid which is not surprising.

Our female readers felt Susanna Reid would add class to their holiday, while 70% of men who voted for Susanna believed that she could hold her own on a boozy night out in one of Benidorm’s popular bars.

Some of our readers said they would love to see Susanna Reid singing on a night out, while others said they would love to hear stories of what Piers Morgan is really like.

Overall, it was felt that Suzanna Reid would make the perfect holiday companion for both male and female holidaymakers.


4. Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes in benidorm

Eamonn Holmes came in fourth place for the celebrity people would like to go on holiday with. Our female readers said they would love to go on holiday with Eamonn Holmes because he is eye candy. They also said they would love to see him in his swimming trunks and said there is no other celebrity they would rather have to rub in their suntan lotion. Not sure what Eamonn Holmes would think about that or his lovely wife Ruth.

Our male readers were not interested in watching Eamonn Holmes hang around the pool in his shorts and they didn’t want him to rub in their suntan lotion. The reason why they wanted to take Eamonn Holmes on holiday to Benidorm was to talk about Manchester United and sport.

Our male readers said they would love to take Eammon Holmes around the bars to watch the live games and to have a pint and talk about football.


5. Ralf Little

ralf little in Benidorm

Ralf Little in Benidorm, could you imagine it. Especially if it was Ralf Little and Will Mellor. When our readers voted for Ralf Little to be their companion in Benidorm, we did receive some very strange reasons, some of them we cannot publish here.

Our male readers who voted for Ralf Little said he would make their Benidorm holiday a dream come true. However, 58% of our male readers said they believed they would not be able to keep up with him on a night out.

According to our male readers, Ralf Little would be the perfect stag party guest, while our female readers had other ideas.

Most of our female readers said they wanted to take Ralf to Benidorm for holiday fun in the sun. While 15% of those females said they didn’t what hotel they stayed in as they wouldn’t leave the hotel room. Wow! stay safe Ralf Little.


6. Denise Welch

which celebrity would you take on holiday

Denise Welch came sixth on our list of celebrities to take to Benidorm. All our female readers agreed that Denise would be the soul of the party. Although Denise Welch no longer drinks, our female readers said she would be the first one they would invite to their hen weekend.

The Loose Women presenter who is no stranger to Benidorm was chosen for her sense of fun with our male and female readers.

Both our male and female readers said they would love to spend a night on the karaoke with Denise Welch.

One of the most popular reasons why people wanted to go on holiday with Denise Welch is down to her personality. They said Denise is down to earth and would make a wonderful companion no matter what holiday they went on.


7. James Buckley

who would you take on holiday

The very funny James Buckley beat James Corden to 7th place as the celebrity to take to Benidorm. Our male and female readers were very split on the reasons why they would like to take James on holiday. Some of our older readers gave some very strange reasons.

Our male readers said going on holiday to Benidorm with James Buckley would be like the best lad’s holiday ever. They said it would be like a stag party every night. Some of our readers believed taking James Buckley to Benidorm would give them a better chance with the ladies.

Our female readers said if they had the chance to take James Buckley to Benidorm it would be a dream come true. Some of our female readers believed they would be able to drink him under the table, while others said they would like to show him what women really want. OK ladies, steady on.

A bit disturbing was the reason why some of our older readers wanted to go on holiday with James. They said they would like to smoother him and rub suntan lotion into all of his body. One reader who was over 60 said they would never leave the hotel room, but I think we should leave that there.


8. James Corden

what celebrity would you take on holiday

James Corden was beaten to 7th place by James Buckley. I must be honest, but I would have put James Corden in my top three.

Our readers wanted to take James Corden to Benidorm because they believed they would never stop laughing. They said he is just like the lad next door and loved his sense of fun. All our readers agreed that going on holiday with James Corden would be like going on holiday with their best friend.

Some of our female readers said having James Corden in Benidorm with them would be like winning the lottery. They said they would love to spend a day in Albir and Altea with him and the night singing all the hits of Take That in a Spanish taxi.

Some of our readers felt that James Corden was one of the best-looking men on the planet and should win rear of the year, with those women saying they would love to see him in a pair of small shorts.


9. Will Mellor

celebrities on holiday

It was no surprise to see Will Mellor on our top ten Benidorm celebrity list. For me, he would have been in my top five. Being a Manchester Lad, I could just imagine him on a night out at classic clubs like Friday’s back in the day and Bredbury Hall.

Our female readers said if they were going on a hen party then Will Mellor would be their first choice as a stripper gram, not sure those women understood the question, to be honest.

Some of our female readers said if they were going to Benidorm with Will Mellor then they would forget to invite anyone else as they wanted him all to themselves.

Our male readers said they wanted to invite Will Mellor so they can talk about football and his and Ralf Little popular podcast Two Pints with Will & Ral‪f. And, if you have never watched their podcast then you are seriously missing out.

Overall, it was agreed, Will Mellor would bring the party to Benidorm, but many believed they would not be able to last the night drinking.


10. Piers Morgan

celebrities in benidorm

I cannot believe Piers Morgan made it on our top ten celebrities to take to Benidorm. First of all, you would have to drag him on the plane kicking and screaming. I can’t imagine him with his trunks walking around Benidorm and drinking in a happy hour Benidorm Pub.

Ok, I can understand why some men chose Piers Morgan as their celebrity holiday guest, but seriously, I think some of our female readers need help.

Some of our female readers said he is one of the best-looking men on television, wow, just wow, I really don’t get it. Most of those women were under 30, so it just shows that our younger generation needs serious help, or has lockdown got to them.

One of the main reasons why our male readers voted for Piers Morgan is due to his straight-talking. They felt Piers would give them straight answers on any topic. Piers Morgan was also chosen because they believed he would be a laugh on a night out and felt he is a secret Karaoke fan.

So, there you have it. Our top ten celebrities that you would like to take to Benidorm. What do you think? Do you believe our readers are right or do you have your own top ten list of who you would take on holiday to Benidorm?  Let us know.


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