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TUI Flight To Majorca Delayed For 43 Hours

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  • Passengers forced to sleep in cars and on floors after being let down by TUI at Norwich Airport

TUI has become one of the most complained about travel companies during the current chaos at airports around the UK. This latest shocking behaviour is another blow to their once-proud reputation.

Holidaymakers who were hoping to go on holiday to relax were faced with chaos at Norwich airport after their flight to Majorca was delayed for 43 hours.

Holidaymakers were left with no support from TUI with some families being forced to sleep in their cars while others were forced to sleep on the floor at the airport.

Some passengers who contacted In2town News said they were offered no support from TUI which includes not being offered accommodation while they waited for updates.

Passengers were due to fly with TUI at 7.20 pm on Friday to Palma, but due to a technical fault according to TUI, this resulted in the flight being delayed. After passengers were forced to wait two days and nights for updates, the flight finally took off from Norwich Airport at 1.55 pm on Sunday afternoon.

Those who were due to travel on the flight were posting updates on Facebook with many saying how disgusted they were with how they were treated by TUI. Others posted that they will never book a holiday with TUI again while some posted that anyone thinking of booking with TUI should book with another company.

One passenger told ITV News that he was appalled with TUI and how they had treated the passengers who were delayed.

Terry Mack, 75, said the service was ‘appalling’ after many elderly passengers were forced to sleep in their cars and across the seats of the small airport.

He told ITV News: ‘I am 75 years of age, I have travelled all over the world since the age of 16. Never in 59 years have I ever known people to be treated so appallingly.

While the flight was delayed passengers have been posting on Twitter to share their disgust at the behaviour of TUI. One woman from Skegness whose parents were travelling on the flight said her mum had been crying due to the stress of the delayed flight and no support from TUI.

tui flight delay

Passengers were turning to Twitter to share their frustration with one customer saying how disgusted they were with TUI for abandoning them. Others stated how their children were crying while TUI was nowhere to be seen.

One of the passengers who posted on Twitter about their shocking treatment was called Luce.

She wrote: ‘Arrived at Norwich Airport at 4.30 for 7.30 flight. No food is being served so no dinner for kids. We go to board at 7 pm [but there’s a] technical fault with the plane. Still waiting. Go to buy the kids a drink, pub closed. Hoping TUI can help us out.

‘I’ve called them twice. Once at 4.30 am. No callback. Again at 7 am. She said they were waiting for parts for the plane and would call me back within the hour. One hour and 40 mins later still no call. Absolutely disgusting customer service from TUI.

‘Not one update since the flight was cancelled at 7 pm last night. Been on hold for so long and keep being passed from person to person! We knew there was a fault at 7 pm last night. Just spoke to Norwich airport who said they are still waiting on information from TUI.’

Luce added: ‘Everyone is angry due to the lack of updates. It’s not fair. Now at the airport. Due to leave in 40 mins. Announcement saying more delays. More technical issues. No TUI reps on site. Next information at 1 pm!!’

A TUI spokesperson who claimed they kept passengers updated and said they would like to apologise to those travelling on the LAV5480 from Norwich Airport to Palma on 26 June. They said the delay was due to a technical issue but did not explain what that technical issue was.

With so many people complaining about how TUI are treating them, a number of TUI Facebook complaints groups have been set up by passengers. At a time when the travel industry is going through a troubling time, TUI lack of customer care could damage its reputation for many years to come.

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