The Whiteboard Store Have Announced Free Delivery On All Noticeboards


The Whiteboard Store who supply quality noticeboards at low prices with free delivery have become the business communities first choice for whiteboards and noticeboards.


The Whiteboard Store (  is pleased to announce they are offering free delivery on all of their noticeboard products. The online whiteboard and noticeboard store who have become the consumers choice for quality noticeboards, have said they do not believe in charging their customers for delivery on any of their products.


By offering free delivery on their large range of notic, it is allowing consumers looking for quality noticeboards to save even more money, a spokesman for the Whiteboard Store said. The free delivery service has made a huge difference to small business owners looking for quality noticeboards.


The Whiteboard Store has a huge range of noticeboards on offer; as such they have become a popular supplier to schools, hospitals, retail outlets and business organisations. Part of the range of noticeboards on offer include: Divider / Display Noticeboards, Flameshield Noticeboards, and Covered Lockable Noticeboard.


The online whiteboard shop also sells a whole range of whiteboards, including magnetic whiteboards, and mobile whiteboards. With the large range of whiteboards and noticeboards available in their online store, they have become a frim favourite with the business world.


A spokesman for the Whiteboard Store said: “It is important that we make our prices as low as we can. By passing on the savings to our customers and by not charging for delivery, our customers are able to buy noticeboards at incredible low prices.”


To learn more about the range of noticeboards that are available from the Whiteboard Store, please visit