Q2CONNECT Has Launched A Brand New Social Networking Experience for Travellers


Whether people plan to travel for work, with family, friends, or on their own, they now have a chance to find out who will be on their flight, hotel, cruise or conference at the same time and to connect with these people in advance with Q2Connect.

Using Facebook and Google+, Q2Connect connects these people and helps them make new friends, making their travels much more enjoyable. People may find their new friends among people at the airport, among the guests at surrounding hotels and all those who plan to visit the same destination, too.

An additional advantage of Q2Connect is the opportunity to post comments about different things to do or places to visit at the chosen destination, so people can share their experience with others who travel there for the first time.

Whether the travellers plan their trip for business, dating, sports, eating, shopping, etc., on Q2Connect they will be able to find friends with exactly the same preferences and goals and have much more fun during their stay. They will now be able to plan in advance their day trips, dinners, night drinks and much more with their new Q2Connect friends.

Some of the benefits that Q2Connect provides are:

– The romantic people who are looking for dating may find their partner on their trip.
– The corporate travellers may join the network, search by industry; meet new clients, plan meetings and much more.
– Business people may meet up before their seminars and conferences to get acquainted and share their plans and ideas with each other.
– Tourists may find great friends to join them when exploring the attractions of the vacation spot.
– The sport lovers will be able to meet other people interested in the same sport.

The list of options is endless, but the best part is that Q2Connect is free to join. All that customers have to do is to create their individual or business Q2Connect profiles with links to their Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin accounts and to their websites.

To take advantage of this revolution social networking platform, please visit https://www.q2connect.com/.