Interview With Get Truth About Abs On How To Remove Stubborn Belly Fat


Everyday we open the newspapers or magazines, switch on the television or radio and you are guaranteed to hear something about people being overweight. It is not because people enjoy talking about people being overweight it is because it is a serious current affairs issue.


In America, there are over 60 percent of adults who are overweight and 27.7 percent of them are obese, this problem is a serious threat where people are losing their lives.


We decided to speak to the people at who are offering a free eReport on stubborn belly fat, which is valued at $17.95, and find out more about losing weight and shifting that stubborn belly fat.


Q- I have been hearing that, sugar is poisonous to the body. How do you explain that?
A- Of course yes, sugar causes a lot of damages to the entire body. The full facts are classified in the FREE e-book.

Q- My friend told me She used to trouble with fat belly, and someone referred her to your site, and her problem was solved in less than 4 weeks. What is the secret?
A- The secret is within the unique e-book. Special Workout & selected diets are part of the secret. Remember you can never lose weight without dieting.

Q- What is the #1 ultimate hard-body exercise?
A- It includes Front Squats, and Rock hard workout.

Q- So how can I know this food is good or bad for fat loss?
A- You will discover the 55 Fastest fat-burning foods in the FREE e-book


Q- How many types of workout technics do you have?
A- Over 2 dozen unique workout ideas for a Leaner Sexier body.

Q- Is your secret method of loosing belly fat only for women or men?
A- No, this product is for both men & women.

Q- Is it rut that one has to build muscles before loosing weight?
A- Yes, in any workout, crunches and exercises, the muscles will build up before loosing it fullness.

Q- So who is the brain behind all these secrets?
A- It is mike Geary, the founder of the busy man, and author of the internationally best-selling online program

Q- How can one get in contact with your Free e-book?
A- You can Download the FREE E-BOOK by entering your name & your best email on the site.


Number 5 Q- What is the name of the product?
A- The name of this product is “Get Truth About Abs”


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