Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Is A Pain Free Alternative To Weight Loss Surgery


Five years ago not many people knew about Gastric Band Surgery or even heard of the word Gastric Band Surgery but since a couple of celebrities have used the weight loss surgery technique to lose weight and claimed they lost the weight through a traditional diet, people have become more aware of gastric band surgery and what it does.


Gastric band surgery is now used all over the world to help people to lose weight and keep the weight off by installing a gastric band inside the top part of your stomach to make it smaller so you become full more quickly. You only have to look at the results of the Gastric band surgery with people such as Fern Britton who eventually came clean about having the weight loss surgery and if you remember how she looked before the surgery and how she looks now, you can understand why it has become very popular.


‘Gastric Band Hypnosis Is A Real Alternative To Gastric Band Surgery’

The NHS are now using Gastric band surgery to help thousands of patients each year who suffer from obesity but unfortunately this is only a small amount of the people who have gone to their doctors to ask if they can the surgery to help them to lose weight. With the cost of surgery for weight loss being so high, for the NHS each patient who has the surgery to lose weight it brings them a cost of around £7000. The NHS only have a small budget to deal with obesity and this is why each week thousands of people are being turned away by their doctor for the weight loss surgery.


Some people are turning to private Gastric Band Surgery at a cost of around £9,000 but not a lot of people can afford this. As well as the high price, there have also been many reports that the Gastric band surgery can bring complications and there has also been reports where patients wanting to lose weight have died with the surgery, so is there a cheaper way to lose weight and is there a pain free alternative to the Gastric band surgery.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy has become a real solution for people who are obese or who wish to lose weight. It is a pain free alternative to the weight loss surgery and it is 100% safe and best of all, it works in the exact same way as the real gastric band but without the surgery and without the time off from work that would be needed after any operation.

The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy technique which is also known as Gastric Hypno Band and TranceBand is designed to help people to lose weight by making them feel full more quickly and making them believe that their stomach has shrunk, just like the real gastric band.

Its success is already widely documented in the press and has most recently been covered in Channel 4’s Embarrassing Fat Bodies.

 By Diane Walke