Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Expert Says Government Are Not Doing Enough to Fight Obesity


The government claims they want to tackle the obesity problem in the UK and make the UK a healthier place to live but according to some Hypnotherapy experts, the government is not doing nearly enough to even touch the surface of the obesity problem.


David Cameron and his coalition government has launched a cracked down on supermarkets and food producers to cut the large number of calories in their food but according to the Gastric Band Hypnosis expert, with their being 60 per cent of British adults in the UK who are obese or overweight, the government should be doing a lot more.

‘Government Should Do More To Beat Obesity Says Gastric Band Hypnosis Expert’


Health Secretary Andrew Lansley wants Supermarkets and food producers to make their food products more healthy by reducing the large number of calories but he has failed to tackle the big names in the fast food outlets such as Burger King and McDonalds and according to some health experts, he should be working with the big names in the fast food industry to get them to reduce the calories in their products and make them more healthy.


Obesity is costing the NHS millions each year so it is very strange why the government is being so relaxed on the obesity problem in the UK. At the moment thousands of people each week are being turned down for a gastric band operation due to the strict guidelines causing overweight people to risk their health with the lack of support there are receiving from the NHS and the conservative government.