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PR Buzz Press Release Distribution
PR Buzz Press Release Distribution
PR Buzz Press Release Distribution

Small business owners are now fighting back with $5 SBWire Press Releases. In this day and age small businesses are struggling with budgets for marketing and promotion, missing out on vital opportunities to gain new customers. It is not like the old days when banks would open their arms and welcome the small business owner with bags full of money, banks now like to keep the money to themselves which causes problems for the small business owner.


Marketing an online business can be expensive, an expense that the small business owner does not have. With the small business owner struggling there is no big budget for expensive marketing experts and public relations companies to promote and generate customers for an online business, those days are gone. However, small business owners no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on a marketing company, they don’t have to pay hundreds for a public relations company to do a couple of hours work, thanks to press releases from just $5, the small business owner can gain serious online marketing and promotion for the fraction of the price.


A Press release is a great way to promote a business. By using a press release for an online business it can increase exposure, improve search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as sending a large amount of traffic to help increase sales and revenue.


A $5 Fiverr SBWire press release may not get a small business on the front pages of the national newspapers, but it can get them on aggregators like Google News, Yahoo News and newspaper sites to increase traffic to a small business website. A press release can also rank high on the search engines and increase the brand of a business, gaining trust with the consumer when they see more than one entry in the search engines for a business name.


The online press release is now giving a small business owner a fighting chance to survive, a chance to fight another day without spending money on marketing they do not have. In an ideal world every small business owner would have a huge budget to spend on marketing and advertising, having their company name splashed all over glossy magazines, newspapers but we do not live in an ideal world.



In the old days a press release was just a way to get a message to a newspaper reporter, hoping the press release would convince the reporter to contact them and run a story on them, gaining free publicity, however things have changed. Nowadays more and more businesses and marketing professionals are using press releases to promote a business online, from a small business to a large business; a press release has become a vital marketing tool.


A fiverr SBWire press release is allowing small business owners to gain the marketing power they need to generate customers and increase revenue, and best of all it is not causing problems for their budget.


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By Diane Walker