Dream Wedding Workshop Provides Brides With the Secret Formula for an Unbelievable Wedding


In 2013, 26,254 couples got married in Singapore. According to Channel News Asia on average these couples spent S$80,000 on their wedding. After the elation of being engaged, the weight of everything that needs to be done will suddenly hit the bride and groom. Dream Weddings has a solution to help the bride plan the perfect wedding and save money doing so. They offer workshops called Bride Schools and list the available classes on brideschools.com. They teach the brides how to pick the perfect dress, wedding tips, how and where they can save money and more.

Brideschools.com is holding a Bride School workshop on December 13th starting at 9am till 5pm at the Dream Wedding Signature Bridal. Their one-day workshop helps the bride streamline the planning process and teaches how to stretch her budget as much as possible. Brideschools.com brings in experts in certain fields from the wedding industry to help brides get the best deals from vendors and avoid the pitfalls of bad vendors.

It was discovered in a recent study that 21% of caterers, 22% of wedding cake designers, 11% of Make Up Artist, 35% of florists and 25% of bridal shop owners go out of business and often with them the couples deposit and products. They also discovered that 12% of vendors do not show up on the day of the event. This can be due to a variety of reasons like overbooking, fraud and more. Through the one-day workshop of Brideschools.com, the bride is taught step by step how to ensure that these types of setbacks do not occur.

Besides receiving world class advice during the workshop, brides will also receive a personalised plan for their wedding and a professional wedding planning file. Throughout the day the course will cover wedding planning, finding the perfect gown, how to find the best photographer and videographer, communicating the love story between the bride and groom through the decorations and entertainment, explaining the traditional customary, and how to save money without sacrificing quality on the wine, food, and venue. Ivy Chin the COO and Executive Wedding Planner for Dream Wedding Group will also be speaking at the workshop. She will share practical tips to the brides to help make their day extra special.

To learn more about the workshop, please visit http://brideschools.com or to learn more about Dream Wedding Group, please visit http://dreamwedding.com.sg