Display Boards Have Become Even Cheaper Thanks To The Whiteboard Store


The online whiteboard store is helping businesses save money by refusing to charge for delivery on any of their display boards.


The whiteboard store who have become a valued supplier to the business community with their whiteboards, noticeboards and now display boards, are helping small businesses save money by offering free delivery. Unlike the majority of online retailers who charge for the delivery of their products, the Whiteboard Store refuse to charge their customers for delivery, allowing them to buy noticeboards at an even cheaper price.


A spokesman for the Whiteboard Store said: “We have never understood why an online business would charge for delivery, which makes the product even more expensive. We value our customers and as such, we offering a free delivery service.”


Although the Whiteboard Store is known for selling high quality noticeboard at low prices, they are also now being recognized for selling quality display boards. A display board is an important piece of equipment for a business. They are being used within the business space as well as at exhibitions to help with marketing.


The whiteboard Store sells a whole range of products that will benefit a business organisation. This includes whiteboard, noticeboards and display boards. By passing on the savings to their customers, the Whiteboard Store is able to sell their products at huge discounted prices.


To learn more about the range of noticeboards that are available from the Whiteboard Store, please visit www.thewhiteboardstore.co.uk/noticeboards-22-c.asp