Child Obesity Can Be Beaten With A Personal Trainer Says In2town Press Release


With the World Health Organisation describing obesity as being one of the most ‘serious global health challenges for the 21st century,’ and with MP’s calling to ban high levels of sugar in cereal, childhood obesity in the UK has, once again, been propelled back into the media and health profession spotlight.
According to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Health report, 31% of 2 – 5 year olds in Great Britain are obese. The implications of childhood obesity are numerable. The World Cancer Research Fund described children living with obesity as having a bleak future ahead of them, namely through the increased risk of illness and disease being obese can cause, including come forms of cancer, as well as the everyday problems being grossly overweight creates.


Overcome childhood obesity

There are many ways parents can help prevent obesity in their children from occurring and, if a child’s weight is dangerously high, help overcome obesity. Simple changes like encouraging children to drink water instead of fizzy drinks or to make them walk to school instead of driving of catching the bus, can make a significant impact in the quest for a child to lose weight. Getting the whole family to do regular healthy activities together such as going for walks at the weekend, going swimming a couple of evenings a week or simply playing football in the park, can also go a long way in combatting childhood obesity.
However, for severe cases or for children who are reluctant or refuse to adapt to such changes, an effective solution to overcoming childhood obesity is to hire a personal trainer.



One of the hardest parts about trying to overcome obesity and lose a significant amount of weight is having the motivation, particularly, it has to be said, among children, many of whom would not even see the sense of giving up on a computer game or cartoon they are watching in favour for putting on their trainers and getting out in the fresh air.
Generally speaking, children are more likely to listen to and obey people other than their parents or caregiver. Therefore when a personal trainer attempts to motivate a child into action, they are likely to be more successful than if their mother or father were the ones attempting to do the motivating.


Realistic goals

Professional personal trainers have been trained in many different aspects of health, fitness and nutrition, and therefore have a comprehensive understanding and more experience in setting realistic targets in terms of how much weight a child should lose within a certain timeframe. Personal trainers will also focus on a child’s unique health concerns, such as special medical and dietary needs, important factors for anyone embarking on a serious diet and ones that you wouldn’t find down the gym.


Improve overall fitness

One of the greatest aspects about hiring a personal trainer, whether it is to help a child overcome obesity or to help an adult lose some weight, is that these professionals will help their clients’ improve their overall fitness as well as helping them lose weight, which in a 12-year-old child who is grossly overweight, has to be a good thing.