Amanda Holden Set To Quit Britain’s Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent Judge To Leave After Ten Years

Amanda Holden has revealed that she is set to leave Britain’s Got Talent next year. The actress and presenter has revealed, ten years on the show is an achievement, but after ten years it would be time to go.


Britain's Got Talent Judge To Leave After Ten Years
Britain’s Got Talent Judge To Leave After Ten Years

It would be a huge blow to ITV if they lost Amanda Holden, but she said:


“I would love to make it ten and then I will probably call it a day. I think ten years is an amazing feat,” she said. “I want a nice big clock and some sort of holiday — a nice retirement package.”

Amanda Holden is not the only person thinking of leaving. Simon Cowell has said he has only got a couple of more years left him in.


He said: “You can’t go on forever. I’ll do a couple more years, sure. I enjoy doing the shows. But I will retire.


Simon Cowell who shocked Sam Bailey fans (X Factor Simon Cowell Drops Sam Bailey From Record Label), by dropping her from his record label said: “I’ve always only wanted to be on TV as long as I can actually do a good job


Louis Walsh has made no secret of his wish to be a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, so when Amanda Holden leaves the show, Louis Walsh could become the new judge.