Actress Sheyene Gerardi Says Obstacles Can Be Overcome


sheyene gerardi

Sheyene Gerardi, the young Venezuelan actress and model currently lives in New York City, continuing to make progress in getting ahead after overcoming a terribly hard obstacle. She was given a devastating diagnosis of Stage IV lymphoma. Now, having totally recuperated, Sheyene occupies her time with physical and spiritual healing. At this point in her life she has learned to value the solidarity of other human beings and continues to maintain a positive mindset and attitude.

She had wanted to become a doctor. In order to pay for her education Ms. Gerardi began modeling, a career which led her to take up acting with RCTV. It was then she got her first television role in the teen series “Hoy te vi”. Because of this, Sheyene changed her course of study from medicine, and she entered the Film & Television Academy to pursue acting. While this new career took her away from studying medicine at the university, it made her wildly popular and loved by the public and fans who follow her career.

Now living in NYC, Sheyene has left her past behind and is waiting for new offers in regard to her work.

Says Sheyene, “Now in my mind the words sickness or suffering no longer exist; now only circumstances and barriers that you have to overcome…it all depends on you.

“Fortunately the treatments I received did not affect my physical appearance, allowing me to continue to work professionally; I had to say no to a few offers because they required long hours of recording.”

With strong heart to write a book, interested in photography, art and travel. With an addiction to only positive emotions, the Venezuelan beauty describes herself.

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