Saturday, May 28, 2022

VisitScotland Launch Campaign To Boost Tourism

VisitScotland has launched a campaign to boost tourism for Scotland and hope by promoting the diverse landscapes of Inner and Outer Hebrides, it will boost the number of visitors to the splendours of Scotland.

The new campaign will coincide with the conclusion of the nature documentary on BBC titled Hebrides: Islands on the Edge, which has already seen a number of enquiries from people wishing to visit Scotland thanks to the BBC.

The campaign will promote things to do and see in Scotland and according to reports, £50,000 is being spent on the campaign which VisitScotland believe will be a huge success.

Mike Cantlay, Chairman of VisitScotland, said: ‘The Inner and Outer Hebrides have given a wonderful backdrop for our Year of Natural Scotland 2013 campaign, which has been boosted enormously by the Hebrides: Island on the Edge programme. We know that scenes from TV and film have direct impact on visitors’ potential holiday destinations, and our activity over the coming weeks seeks to capitalise on this.’

‘The series has been a great success both on BBC1 Scotland and on UK wide BBC2,’ said Nigel Pope, executive producer of Hebrides: Islands on the Edge.

‘A growing awareness of how important the Islands are to wildlife and conservation is a very positive outcome of the series. If more people visit the Islands to see the wonderful wildlife at first hand, that has to be good for the Hebrides. We are now also looking forward to distributing the series internationally with ITVGlobal who will also be working closely with VisitScotland in taking the programmes to tourism and programming markets across the world,’ he added.

With more people looking to stay in the UK for their holidays rather than travel abroad, Scotland could be the idea holiday destination, but bosses at VisitScotland are hoping not just to attract tourism from the UK, they also want to aim further afield and bring tourist to Scotland from America and other far away places.


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