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Overseas Property Show Coming To Birmingham January 27th-28th 2018

  • The overseas property show will give people a real insight into moving and owning a property abroad.
  • The event will remove the belief that owning a property in the sun is unaffordable to most people and show them the reality of how affordable it is and how they can turn a property investment into a retirement fund.

One of the most important events of the year for those fed up with the UK and want a new life abroad will take place this January in Birmingham. The Overseas Property Show will give those looking to move or purchase a property in Portugal, Southern Spain, Cape Verde or Florida, all the information they need.

The exhibition which will be held on January 27th & 28th 10-6PM at the National Motorcycle Museum will give people the chance to talk to professional about taking the next step to achieve their dreams of living in the sun. These professionals who can offer a one on one session are on hand to give honest advice.

More than 5.5 million people born in the UK have moved abroad for a better life. However, according to a Pollsters YouGov survey in 2016, 48% of people living in the UK dream of a better life abroad in countries that include Spain. Unfortunately, most those people don’t take the next step to achieve their dreams due to the lack of information and not knowing where to seek professional advice. The Overseas Property Show has that information and has on hand the experts needed to help people make the right choice.

As well as the property show providing all the information people need about moving abroad and owning a property, the experts on hand can offer detailed advice on mortgages, residency, tax incentives, currency exchange, and legal requirements for buying a property abroad. With these experts on hand, and with all the information provided at the Overseas Property Show, the idea of moving abroad will be much clearer.

A spokesman for the Overseas Property Show said: “This event gives people the perfect opportunity to have all the experts under one roof who can help people understand if moving abroad or owning a property abroad is right for them. We aim to help people understand what it would be like moving abroad and how affordable owning a property in the sun could be.”

The Overseas Property Show which is free to attend is going to give attendees the chance the win a Free Viewing Trip. There has never been a better time to think about owning a property abroad, and thanks to the show taking place in Birmingham, dreams can become a reality.

To learn more about the Overseas Property Show and to claim a free ticket, please visit


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