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The Biggest Drum And Bass Festival To Hit Liverpool In April 2018 With A Huge Line-Up


Some great news for Drum & Bass fans, the biggest and most exciting D&B festival that Liverpool has seen in recent years is taking place on Saturday 28th April 2018 at Hangar 34. Expect a celebration of music, as this event is set to shake the floor of Liverpool with some of the biggest names under one roof, giving Drum & Bass fans a night they will never forget. The event has been organised by Kaiju Promotions who have been delighting music fans since 1994.

Kaiju Promotions, formally known as Cadence have a history dating back to 1994, when they put on events for music lovers. They are known for putting on events that allow people to have the time of their lives. The love of the music is the company’s sole and primary ethos.

Liverpool has always been known as the music capital of the world, but now thanks to Ronnie Pye from Kaiju Promotions, it’s also set to be known as the next Drum and Bass capital. The event, which is set to be the biggest party night of the year, is expected to attract D&B fans from all over the UK and even mainland Europe.

This ultimate D&B night features the most extensive line-up Liverpool has seen in years, which includes Fabio & Grooverider with MC GQ, Nicky Blackmarket, Fatman D, Doc Scott, MC Steppa, Jazzy Lioness & Indika to name a few.

For a full list of the line-up, please visit:

Ronnie Pye said of the event: “This is set to be a night to remember. We have some of the biggest, legendary names performing. It’s the first time Fabio & Grooverider have performed in Liverpool in well over a decade. This is not just an event of the year, this is an event that we want people to talk about for many years to come. Production will be key.”

Pye continued “I’ve developed a career as a web developer for the last 15 years and having noticed a renaissance for bass music, and using my extensive knowledge and wealth of connections in the scene and also professionally we have managed to bring together some of the best known artists available.”

Early release tickets to the event start from £12.50. For full details of the tickets

 By Mark Ward

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