Sunday, May 22, 2022

Young Holidaymaker Stranded In Abu Dhabi After Suddenly Becoming Scared Of Flying

A family is facing spending thousands of pounds to get their son home from Abu Dhabi to the UK after he suddenly developed a fear of flying.

The 11 year old boy shocked his parents when he suddenly became too scared to fly. Joe Thompson will now have to travel by coach, train and boat to get back to the UK which could cost his parents thousands of pounds.

Joe Thompson parents tried four times to get him on the plane but each time he suffered crippling panic attacks which has now left them with no option but to get back home by coach and boat.

The young lad parents are puzzled why he has suddenly become scared of flying after he has previously been on a number of planes.

Joe Thompson dad, Tony, is now getting advice from the British Embassy on the best route to get back to the UK.

He told The Sun: “There seems no rational explanation for Joe’s fears. But I can’t put him through further misery.”


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