Sunday, May 22, 2022

Thomas Cook Hoping To Get Their Holiday Customers Back

When news hit the headlines that Thomas Cook were in serious trouble, thousands of customers avoided the oldest travel agent like they had a deadly disease but now it seems Thomas Cook could be getting back on track.

Somewhere along the line Thomas Cook went off the rails, it was like no one was steering the ship properly. Some of the holiday hotels that Thomas Cook were selling were, well lets just be honest and say disgraceful and not worth the money but now Thomas Cook have been listening to their customers and trying to turn things around.

Thomas Cook who seem to be like a cat with nine lives have made some serious changes to their business, they have closed down shops to try and save money and have restructured their business, one thing they have seemed to have missed out on though, is their shocking amateurish website which is not only unfriendly but is unhelpful and has some of the worst images around. Unlike other travel agents where the websites are friendly and they have nice quality images, Thomas Cook images seem to be all over the show, so Thomas Cook, get a grip and concentrate on your website, after all this is the front door to your business.

Harriet Green from electronics group Premier Farnell was brought in last summer to try and rescue the travel agent before it lost its nine lives and went out of business totally.

According to reports, Thomas Cook will announced that it has broken even this year compared to a loss of £30m last year, this is good news for the travel agent but trust is still an issue. The high street travel agent is trying to get their old and new customers to trust them again and keep sending the message out, your money and holiday is safe with us.

Ms Green has been looking at the business as a whole and has been stripping costs from the travel agent, which includes selling off its unprofitable Canadian division.

By Diane Walker


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