Ryanair Strike Dates Confirmed

Ryanair Strikes Set To Cause Serious Problems For Holidaymakers

  • Ryanair Strikes Set To Take Place On July 20 and July 24
  • Thousands Of Holidayakers Could Have Their Holidays Cancelled With The Ryanair Strikes

Ryanair pilots have confirmed details of their forthcoming strikes which will take place this month. The Ryanair strikes will take place on July 20 and July 24.

Tens of thousands of passengers are going to be affected with the new strikes in July. The strikes could result in thousands of passengers being forced to cancel their holidays while others will face serious delays with the 24-hour walkouts.

Passengers Angry Over The Ryanair Strikes

The previous Ryanair strikes resulted in 30 flights being cancelled with more than 5,000 passengers being affected. It is believed that with the new two day strikes the number of passengers that could be affected could be more than 13,000.

The strikes were announced by the pilots union Forsa who are fighting for better pay and conditions of employment.

The new Ryanair strikes were called after negotiations with Ryanair failed to come up with a positive solution.

A spokesman for Ryanair has expressed their sadness at the new strikes and have assured their customers they intend to minimise the disruption caused.

Ryanair said: “We would encourage our pilots to take up our offer of a working group to resolve these issues, but if they wish to hold another unsuccessful strike again, then so be it.

“We will contact customers in due course when we receive details.”

More than 60,000 ground staff in Spain have also announced a strike in August with Cabin crew in Spain, Belgium, and Portugal staging strikes on July 25 and 26.

By Nigel Ward