Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Record Numbers of Parents Taking Children Out Of School For Cheaper Holidays

More Parents Are Taking Children Out Of School For A Term Time Holiday


Parents in Wales are still taking their children out of school for a family holiday despite the threat of a fine or court action. In fact, according to official figures from the Welsh government, more parents last year than in any other year took their children out of school for a term time holiday.

The Welsh government has revealed figures that show one in 10 absences last year were due to parents taking their children out of school during term time. Even though the government has tried to deter parents from taking children out of school without permission, the percentage of parents that failed to ask permission increased by 10.9% in 2017.

The Welsh government wants parents to understand how taking children out of school during term time can damage their education. However, many parents have hit back saying they cannot afford to take their children on holiday when the schools are closed.

Even though the official stance is children should be at school during term time and taking a child out of school is wrong, many teachers have sided with parents. Some teachers have come forward and said something needs to be done.

We spoke to one teacher who did not want to be named who said: “It is a fact that holidays are more expensive during term time. There are tens of thousands of parents out there who cannot afford the high prices during summer and I feel for them. Something has to be done to make holidays more affordable.”

In2town Travel Magazine has called on the government and the travel industry to work together to come up with a solution, but until that happens, parents will continue to take their children out of school.

By Mark Gavin


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