Friday, January 21, 2022

Photo Booth Sharing Software Is Being Used In The Event And Travel Industry

Travel and event companies spend millions of pounds each year promoting their products and events, a cost they would like to reduce to increase profits. Now, thanks to a new software those marketing costs can be reduced.

The Photo Booth Sharing Software called Mashbooth and Mashbooth Pro is a clever piece of software that turns any iPad into a photo sharing kiosk. This fun application allows people to share fun pictures with family and friends of the great time they are having.

The software allows the pictures to be shared with social media platforms, providing a real buzz about an event. With all the sharing of the pictures on social media, and the comments made, it allows event organisers to gain free advertising for their current or next event.

Although the Photo Booth Sharing software is great entertainment for those attending an event, it is a powerful marketing tool for those organising it. With three billion people using the Internet and more than 2 billion using social media platforms, this new software can help spread the word of events within minutes.

The software allows those organizing events to share people having a great time to a wider audience, and allowing that audience to see what a great event it is, providing free publicity and important exposure.

This software is great for hotels, theme parks, special events and boat trips and cruise companies. It is the perfect way to share people having a great time while at the same time providing totally free promotion.

Mashbooth App and Mashbooth Pro App, are available from iTunes (



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