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Norfolk Parents Fined For Taking Children On Holiday During Term Time

Parents In Norfolk Fined For Taking Children Out Of School

A couple from Norfolk who wanted to give their children a family holiday in the Algarve has been fined £450 in fines and costs for taking their children out of school without permission.


Tracey and Andrew Buckett, of Drayton, Norfolk, was given permission by one school, Nightingale Infant School to take their child on holiday in October 2016 but were refused permission by two other schools, Taverham Junior School and Taverham High School. As a result of trying to save money on the cost of their holiday, the couple was prosecuted by Norfolk County Council.


During an appearance at Norwich Magistrates Court, the couple admitted the unauthorised absences of two of their children. Mr. and Mrs. Buckett were both fined £120 with £30 victim surcharge, while Mr. Buckett was also ordered to pay £150 costs.


After receiving the fine and costs, Mr. Buckett said even with the fine and the costs it was still cheaper than paying the shockingly high prices travel agents were charging during the school holidays.


“I think it’s a victory today, it could have gone bad for us but we stood to our guns,” he said.


“We think the whole system is unfair, to be dictated to by the schools when and when we cannot take our kids out of school.

“I think those legislations need to be changed.”


Parents all over the UK have called for the law to change or for the travel companies to reduce holiday prices during the school holidays. Some local parents in Norfolk are shocked with the action taken by Norfolk County Council. However, a spokesman for the council said: “Ultimately it is head teachers who decide whether or not to take action.”


By Chantelle Schmitt


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