Sunday, May 22, 2022

New Dating Site For Travellers Helps Solo Travellers Meet New People

Even though over 50 million domestic holiday and business trips involving at least one overnight stay are taken in Britain each year, with more than 18 million people visiting Spain, not everyone goes on holiday with their partner or family.

The number of solo travellers has increased since 2017 by 35%. It is not surprising the number of people going on holiday alone has increased with more than 7 million people single in the UK. Even though everyone needs a holiday to recharge their batteries, no matter how much you like your own company, the thought of going on holiday alone does not appeal to many of us.

A lot of single people go on holiday alone to meet new people. They are looking for friendship, fun, and even a long-lasting partner. Many solo travellers go on activity holidays to meet new people and even go on small group tours in the hope of meeting new friends and potential partners. Some younger people go to party hotels, or on party boat trips in the hope of making friends or finding love.

Facebook has become an important tool for solo travellers. Every day on different groups like Benidorm Banter, you will see people posting if anyone is going on holiday and would like to meet up. But if you don’t fancy going on small group tours, or if you don’t want to go to a party hotel or not having any look with Facebook, how can solo travellers meet people for friendship and love?


The answer is Meetown. You never know who you will meet while travelling, or if you will meet someone, but Meetown helps you to meet people. It is a great platform for solo travellers who want to meet new friends when they go on holiday and share experiences. It lets you make friends and connects you with other travellers or local people before your trip.

So, if you were planning a trip to Spain, let’s say Benidorm, but your friend cancelled at the last minute, or you had no one to go with, you could find out through Meetown who is going at the same time or who lives there. You can then arrange to meet up. It is that simple.

It is free to register, and you can quickly start chatting with people and find out where people are going on holiday. You may even find people in your own home town. It is a great platform for those with a passion for travel and who want to meet new people. Since being launched, it has quickly gained a huge amount of exposure.

So, how do you use Meetown? Well, the people behind the platform have made it really easy to use. All you need to do is to register which is free of charge. Then you can chat with the travellers you want to meet. When you plan to go on holiday either here or abroad, you simply enter your trip details including where you are going and when you will be there. You will then see who will be there at the same time. It is that simple. No wonder the new platform is gaining so much exposure.

Check out the new meeting platform here


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