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How To Save Money Booking A Holiday Through A Travel Agent

  • How to save money booking a holiday through a travel agent
  • High street travel agents need your business, so you are in control
  • If the travel agent tell you they cannot price match – ignore them, they can

Learn How To Save Money Booking A Holiday With A High Street Travel Agent

If you have ever wondered how to save money booking a holiday through a high-street travel agent then let me share with you my secrets. Our travel magazine team have used these tips again and again to save money. i personally saved nearly £700 when booking a Discovery 2 cruise holiday.

Even though most high street travel agents such as Thomas Cook, and TUI have their own website, they compete against each other. You will find most of the time that the prices in a high street travel agent are more expensive than the online price; very annoying.

High street travel agents are still very popular. A lot of people still like to use them for their experience and customer service, even though they know they are paying extra for it.

If you are one of those people who like to use their local travel agent even though you know you are paying extra, then read on and learn how to save money booking a holiday through a travel agent.

Remember, it’s your money and you are in control. The high street travel agent needs your business. Without your holiday booking, they will not meet their targets which could result in the shop being closed down.

Keep telling yourself how to save money booking a holiday through a travel agent is easy. Put yourself in the right mind-set.

Be flexible with the dates that you can travel. If you are flexible with the dates then you can find the prices of the holiday will vary.

how to save money booking a holidayDon’t always stick to your local airport. Holidays from different airports vary in price. Even though your local airport is more convenient, you could find by travelling a bit further will save you money.

Example: I was going to fly from East Midlands Airport, but then I looked at the cost of flying from other airports and found that Stansted Airport would save me three hundred pounds for a family of three. Taking into account the extra cost of petrol, I was making a saving of £260. Using my tips on how to save money booking a holiday with a travel agent could save you even more.

One of the biggest secrets of how to save money booking a holiday with a travel agent is to do all the research before you walk into the shop. That means, no which hotel you want, the dates you want to travel on, and the cost of the holiday online.

Villamar Camp SiteWhen you have given the travel agent all your requirements you will find that eight out of ten times the price they give you will be much higher than the price you have seen online.

Tell them you have seen it cheaper online. They will pull their face and tell you they offer you a face to face customer service and that is why it’s more expensive. They will even tell you that they have no power to price match the online price which is rubbish.

Don’t listen to all the polite sales talk, tell them you are more than happy to go online and book the same holiday for less. They will not want to lose your business and they will price match the price online. But, you do not want to stop there.

If you are going to pay all your holiday at once then you are in a much better position where you could save yourself on average £250 for a family of three.

Tell the travel agent that you belong to different money back sites that pay you to shop. Explain at the present moment the best offer you have seen is 8% cashback. Ask if they can knock the 8% you would get online off the holiday, if they say no, then tell them you will book it online.

The travel agent will not want to lose your custom so they will try and make a deal with you. But stand firm. Stick to your guns.

If you don’t have all the money at hand then there is another option. When you have done step 6, ask them if there is anything else they can do for you to bring the price down. Explain to them that you like a good deal. They may offer to reduce the price a little lower, or they may offer other freebies which could include seats together.


How To Save Money Booking A Holiday With A Travel Agent Can Save You Hundreds Of pounds


On average, when I pay for a holiday for a family of three I can save around four hundred pounds. Last year using this technique I saved seven hundred pounds on a cruise holiday for two. The original price of the holiday online was £2,600, but the travel agent wanted £2,750. I walked out of the travel agent with my one week cruise costing just £2,050 including seats together.

I find the best time to use this technique is to go to the travel agent after dinner. If they are having a slow day then this is great news for you.

Note: If you have more than three people in your party then you can save even more money. If you are booking a holiday with family and friends who are staying in different rooms, then you can save even more money.

how to save money on holidaysThe more people in your group, the more money you can save, and in some cases, the amount of money you could save is the price of one person’s place on the holiday.

Remember, it is your money and the high street travel agent needs your business. When you have tried our tips on how to save money booking with a travel agent, go to our Facebook page and let me know how much you saved.

By Timothy Ellis


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