Thursday, May 26, 2022

New Portugal’s Property Market Portal Puts Buyers In The Driving Seat

A new property portal has been launched that simplifies the process of buying a property in Portugal. It is providing people with the information that was normally only available for real estate agents.

Portugal has always been a great place to move to and buy a property. The Portugal property market has seen a boom in recent years. In 2021 more than 190,000 homes were sold which is an increase of 20 percent compared to 2020. 11 percent of those properties were bought by foreigners who were buying them as a permanent home, holiday home, or investment.

With a thriving economy and with Portugal being a great place to live, it is attracting people from all over the world. 74% of people own their own homes in Portugal which is higher than most other countries around the world.

Buying a property in Portugal can be complicated and expensive if buyers do not have access to the right information. A lot of properties in Portugal are being sold for more than they are worth, which means buyers are wasting money and losing out on investment. It is important to have all the information at hand when buying a property in Portugal and that is what provides.

property sales portugalThe property portal provides valuable analytics and insights to clients to find the perfect purchase with colour coded pricing. It has become a vital tool for investors wanting to buy property in Portugal. This is the information that real estate agents and property owners in Portugal do not want you to have. will revolutionize the local property market by providing valuable analytics and insights to property investors. It uses an ingenious colour coded pricing system that gives clients the chance to learn more about the properties advertised on the website.

It allows people looking to buy a property in Portugal to compare similar properties in their chosen area where they can see the property value. When they have found a property, thanks to the new portal, they can see if the property currently for sale is below or above the current market value.

The portal provides further insight into the Portuguese property market by comparing the rates of long- and short-term rentals. This assists clients by showing the approximate value a property would rent out for as a long-term rental or holiday home. Property investors are given invaluable insights into the buy-to-let market, helping them make educated decisions on which Portuguese properties to invest in.

The information provided by the new property purchasing portal is a game changer for those buying properties in Portugal. However, not everyone is happy that the site has been launched. With all the detailed information, it is set to put the purchaser in the driving seat instead of the real estate agent.

The information provided by, previously only available to real estate agents, now available to the general public for the first time.

To learn more about or to search for properties for sale in Portugal, please visit the company’s official website.


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