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How To Cruise For Free – Secrets Revealed


Secrets Revealed On How To Have A Free Cruise Holiday

Have you ever heard people say they went on a cruise holiday for free and wished you knew how they did it? I am about to explain all so you can go on a nice free holiday for free.


Cruise companies love block bookings; they love it when someone comes along and tells them they want to book a cruise holiday that consists of a large group of people. If you don’t believe me, then try it. Go to the high-street travel agent tomorrow and watch their face light up with pound signs in their eyes when you say you have twelve people who want to book a cruise holiday.


They love group bookings so much it puts you in the driving seat. Once they get over the excitement at the commission they will make, they will make you happy by offering a great discount. The discount will be so high it will work out as one free place. So, how do you get a free cruise holiday, the answer may sound simple, but you will need to do some ground work. However, these tips do really work, and they work so well that some people use them so they can have one or two free cruise holidays a year.


  1. Stag and hen parties. If you know someone who is getting married, then speak to them about a cruise holiday for their stag or hen party. Tell them that this type of holiday is the perfect way to celebrate their last days of freedom. Show them great brochures, and tell them about the great places they could visit and how it would be a stag or hen party like no other. They may be worried about all the organizing that is involved, and that is where you come in. You offer to do all the organizing, from booking transfers, collecting the money and even arranging trips. In return for all your hard work, that discount will be your free cruise holiday.


  1. Birthday parties. There is no better way to celebrate a special birthday than going on a great cruise. It will be a birthday they will never forget. Again, you will organize everything and sort out all the bookings to get that great discount which will be your free cruise holiday.


  1. Friends at work. Now, this depends on how big your workplace is. If you work in a large company, then put a notice up on the noticeboard that you are arranging a cruise holiday. You will have to sell it to people and say this could be a yearly event where the workforce get together and relax. In the good old days, there were lots of work trips and even holidays, and this could be your chance to bring it back.


  1. A holiday away with family and friends. Speak to your family and friends, tell them you want to arrange a cruise holiday as a way to have fun and spend quality time together. Obviously, don’t tell them about your free cruise holiday. Sell the idea to them that a cruise holiday would be a great adventure and a way to see places they have never been to before. Advertise the holiday on Facebook to your friends and get people to sign up to the idea.


These steps to get a free cruise holiday are steps that many people follow to travel for free. But, remember, you will have to work hard for your free place. You will be responsible for all the arrangements that have to be made, all the planning and making sure everyone has paid on time.


If you fancy a cruise holiday for free then what are you waiting for, start planning now?




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