The National Police Not Sure If German Kidnapper Is In Tenerife

We recently reported that a search and arrest warrant has been issued by a Judge in Tenerife for a male who is suspected of kidnapping his two children. However, The National Police have now said they are not sure that the German father of the two children who allegedly kidnapped them from Germany and brought them to Tenerife is still on the island.

The two children, 11 and 10 years old were reported to the German police as missing after their father failed to bring them back home. After an investigation was launched by the German police, it was found that the father had left the country and headed to Tenerife to hide out.

The German father sent a message to his ex-partner and said if she went to the police then he would kill the two children. An investigation was launched by The National Police but so far, they have failed to find the father or the two children.

Sources have said The National Police are not sure if the father has left the Island as all current investigations into the alleged kidnapping have failed to produce any positive results.

A description has been circulated on social media of the two missing children, along with their photos: Kristian is 11 years old, has brown hair, wears prescription glasses, with a thin complexion, and brown eyes, while his 10-year-old sister Amantia has a thin complexion, brown eyes, and long curly hair, as reported by

The National Police are asking if anyone sees the two children to contact their local police station.